North American and European Surge Suppressor Growth Continues Despite Economy

8/14/2002 - In a new study entitled "The 2002 Power Protection Market Intelligence Program," Venture Development Corporation (VDC) concludes that the combined consumption of power line surge suppressors in North America and Europe will increase from $978 million in 2001 to nearly $1.5 billion by 2006, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8%. Unit growth rates are forecast for somewhat faster growth increasing from 58 million units in 2001 to 105 million units in 2004, a CAGR of 12.6%. In general, growth will be driven by:

Line cord surge suppressors have by far the largest share of the North American surge suppressor market. Line cords are expected to remain the most popular surge suppression device due not only to the wide range of products and grades available, but because they offer more flexibility and utility than other types. Wall plug products are forecast to grow at a rate slower than line cords while power control centers are expected to exhibit a decline. Power control centers are suffering from both high prices compared to other surge suppressor types and changing CPU and monitor form factors.

Hard-wired surge suppressors are forecast for a growth rate slower than that of line cord types in both North America and Europe. VDC has found that the greater dependence on microprocessor-based devices in business and industry, as well as in the home, is resulting in increased demand for hard-wired surge suppression devices.

Currently, hard-wired surge suppressors account for the largest share of shipments to the European market. This is expected to change over the next five years as line cord products will dramatically increase in market share due to increasing awareness of the need for power protection, low cost, and the utility associated with having multiple outlets and a long power cord. This market is still in an early stage of development relative to the North American market, and therefore is expected to experience very fast growth over the next few years. The growth for hard-wired surge suppressors will be considerably less than that of line cord and wall plug products through 2006. The European hard-wired market is well established and relatively mature compared to the plug-in side of the industry.

About the Study
This report, "The 2002 Power Protection Market Intelligence Program: Volume IX & X North America & Europe Power Line Surge Suppressors", is a multiclient study designed to provide subscribers with relevant and up-to-date market intelligence to support strategic marketing and product planning decisions. This report includes:

Venture Development Corporation, a technology market research and strategy firm, was founded in 1971 by graduates of Harvard Business School and MIT. Over the years, VDC has developed and fine-tuned a unique and highly successful methodology for forecasting and analyzing dynamic technology markets. VDC has extensive experience in providing analysis in electronic components markets. This includes multiclient and custom consulting engagements in a broad spectrum of related topics including switching power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, fuel cells, static transfer switches, and others.

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