Sun Unveils New Linux Version of Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition Software

8/14/2002 - Sun Microsystems offered a new Linux version of SunTM ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software. The new grid technology expands the availability of Sun's grid computing solution for Linux-based enterprise grids and enables customers to better manage the utilization of enterprise-wide compute resources and improve the return on those IT assets. A key element of Sun's long-term strategy for Sun ONE Grid Engine software is to grid-enable applications within the SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform. The new version of grid software is also supported on Sun's newly announced entry-level server, the SunTM LX50.

Sun's vision for grid computing evolves in three stages. Sun ONE Grid Engine software provides for the first phase of departmental cluster grids. Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software builds on the first stage and enables enterprise-wide grids, which can manage thousands of nodes across the organization. The third stage is global grids, an area of great focus for Sun in its ongoing development of products and industry relationships, and its strong support of grid computing standards work. At this level, Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition software provides interfaces to global grid technologies like Avaki and Globus.

Providing higher levels of control and flexibility, Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software incorporates powerful policy management functions to allow multiple groups to easily share available compute resources according to corporate-set goals. Adding Linux support to Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition software additionally enables customers with Linux environments to maximize their existing IT investments.

"Expanding access to grid technologies and spurring the adoption of grid computing across heterogeneous environments is key to Sun's grid computing strategy," said Wolfgang Gentzsch, director of grid computing at Sun Microsystems. "Our Sun ONE Grid Engine software family and the Grid Engine Open Source Project have been enormously successful in heterogeneous environments. And as our customers' needs grow to enterprise-level grids, Sun's grid computing portfolio can easily scale with them, providing the most robust solution on the market."

No stranger to Linux, Sun ONE Grid Engine software, which is available as a free download at, has been available for the Linux platform since January 2001 and comprises 25% of the Sun-based grids deployed today, according to a market study conducted by Walker Information, Inc. The research also shows an additional 25% of those deployments are mixed environments supported by the Linux platform and SolarisTM Operating Environment. Sun's grid technology has also been available in open source via the Grid Engine Project and is also being distributed with SuSE Linux 8.0 Professional Edition.

Pricing, Availability and Support
Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software for Linux is expected to be available by the end of year. As with Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software for the Solaris OE, new software license fees range from $20,000 U.S. list price for up to 50 CPUs, to $80,000 for up to 2,000 CPUs. Sun Enterprise ServicesSM are also available to provide full product support, training and installation. Worldwide, more than 30 Sun partners are already certified to implement and support Sun ONE Grid Engine software-based grid environments.

Sun in Grid Computing
Sun Microsystems established itself as a leading architect for grid computing in July 2000 with the acquisition of GRIDware, quickly followed by the launch of Sun's resource management software, Sun Grid Engine. Today, Sun's complete stack of grid computing technologies, its vision for the evolutionary development of grids — from cluster to enterprise to global grids — and its commitment to open, standards-based technologies are fundamental to its strategy to promote and grow grid computing worldwide.

Sun has been instrumental in making grid computing mainstream, driving adoption by making Sun ONE Grid Engine software for the Solaris Operating Environment and Linux platforms available as free downloads. In July 2001, Sun was the first systems vendor to place key grid computing technology into open source via the Grid Engine Project at And Sun has worked with the Global Grid Forum to help establish critical standards for the industry, including The Distributed Resource Management Application API standard (DRMAA) and the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA).

Sun ONE Grid Engine and Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition software power more than 5,500 cluster and enterprise grids worldwide today, with nearly 70 new grid deployments each week. Some early customers are already adopting Sun Grid Engine technologies and Globus tools to build global grids. For more information about products and services, go to

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