Parasoft Jtest integrates with Borland Jbuilder 7.0 to Speed Application Development

8/14/2002 - Parasoft, leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software, integrated Jtest, an automated unit testing tool for Java, with JBuilder 7.0, the market leading Java development environment from Borland Software. This allows JBuilder users to perform automated unit testing on their Java classes, reduce development time and improve software quality. Jtest automates key unit testing practices such as white-box, black-box, and regression testing and also performs static analysis to enforce over 300 industry-respected coding standards as well as those defined by users.

Parasoft is a member of Borland's Technology Alliance Partner Program, a community of vendors building complementary products and services to improve developer productivity.

As many businesses struggle to cut costs and keep up with changing technologies, IT managers and development teams face rising pressure to dramatically improve software quality and speed up production. Unit testing is one proven method of reducing software errors and shortening development cycles. However, the process can be highly labor-intensive if performed manually, and is often overlooked because of a lack of available resources.

Using Parasoft's award-winning Jtest, development teams can automate test case creation, which is the most time-consuming part of the unit testing process. Jtest automatically creates and executes test cases with the click of a button. Jtest is the first development tool of its type to automate all aspects of unit testing for Java, including white-box, black-box and regression testing. Jtest also enforces a set of good coding practices (a.k.a. standards/rules), including rules that support Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), Design by Contract (DbC), JavaServer Page Technology (JSPs), servlets and security. Now, Jtest integrates with JBuilder, adding Automated Error Prevention for Java to the popular development environment.

"Parasoft is committed to helping companies improve software quality and maintain profitability through Automated Error Prevention," said Jim Sherburne, Parasoft's senior vice president of marketing. "Integrating Jtest with Borland JBuilder allows us to provide our mutual customers with the tools they need to produce robust software that meets growing business demands."

"Jtest's unit testing technology enables developers to build industrial-strength enterprise Java applications," said Tony de la Lama, vice president and general manager of Java solutions at Borland. "Development teams using Jtest with Borland JBuilder can now benefit from having improved quality, shorter development cycles and reduced development costs."

Pricing and Availability
Jtest starts at U.S. $3495 and is available immediately for Windows NT/2000/XP, Solaris and Linux. Free evaluations can be downloaded from the company website at:

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