Tangerine, Versatel Networks to Develop Integrated Softswitch and TDM Programmable Switch Solution

8/12/2002 - Versatel Networks - a developer, designer and marketer of fault tolerant Service Creation Switches (SCS) and Tangerine - a developer, designer and marketer of Next Generation Telephony Switches, signed a joint development and distribution agreement. The agreement will allow the two Companies, Versatel Networks and Tangerine, to jointly develop an integrated softswitch and TDM programmable switch solution for emerging carriers. Under the terms outlined within the agreement, Tangerine's Softswitch Technology will be fully integrated into the Versatel Networks SCS programmable switching platform, in order to enable both the origination and termination of IP based media connections. In addition, Tangerine will be entitled to resell the combined solution through its sales channels, thereby enhancing Tangerine's product offerings to include a strong PSTN connectivity and reliability.

According to Mr. Thomas Howe, CEO of Tangerine, "Versatel Networks SCS Platform provides Tangerine with SS7 capabilities and redundant PSTN switching functionality, which has been missing in our current product offerings. Furthermore, the cost effective and open architecture of Versatel Networks solution fits our customer's needs and/or requirements nicely. Together, we have a scalable and open architecture that bridges both legacy and next generation networks. This is a significant step forward for us in terms of meeting our customer's needs."

Mr. Daniel Biage, Versatel Networks CTO and the key architect of the SCS platform, is a very strong proponent of the open platform concept. According to Mr. Biage, "Having an open platform allows us to leverage our core expertise by selectively and continuously leveraging the latest industry developments from our technology partners. It allows the Company to stay ahead of customer requirements, for both legacy and IP infrastructures, in terms of required feature functionality, viable economics and fast time to market expectations."

Mr. Levis Malenfant, CEO of Versatel Networks, is extremely pleased by this joint development and distribution agreement with Tangerine Inc. Mr. Malenfant indicates "Tangerine's core expertise in the Next Generation Network environment will most definitely allow Versatel Networks to deliver advanced IP connectivity much sooner than originally anticipated. In fact, the combined solution will be available in the fourth quarter of 2002. Consequently, our time to market has easily been advanced by at least one full quarter which benefits us as a company, as well as, benefiting our existing and potential customers by allowing them to extend their enhanced service offering to the IP world and the Next Generation Network."

About Tangerine (www.tangerineinc.com)
Founded in 2001, Tangerine Incorporated designs, develops and markets next generation telephony switching solutions. Tangerine's product line includes softswitches, SIP proxy servers and application platforms. Its customers include enterprises and emerging carriers world-wide. Tangerine's headquarters are located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

About Versatel Networks (www.versatelnetworks.com)
Versatel Networks, Inc. (formerly CML Versatel, Inc.) is a provider of open, mission-critical, telecom switching technologies. Its products provide Application Developers, Systems Integrators and Service Providers with powerful and reliable platforms on which to rapidly build new end-user services and applications. Telecom innovations such as the TotalAgilityTM family of products deliver the versatility required to help customers realize the benefits of Next-Generation services and technologies today while preserving existing network investments.

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