TIs DSP Third Party Network Supply 70+ DSP Software Algorithms

8/8/2002 - Designers of next-generation multimedia applications based on the new OMAP5910 application processor from Texas Instruments can bring their products to market much faster thanks to more than seventy readily available digital signal processor (DSP) software algorithms supplied by TIs DSP third party network. Developers of multimedia application designs for the broad market can seamlessly integrate proven eXpressDSPTM-compliant algorithms from TI DSP third parties onto the DSP that will take advantage of the highly-integrated OMAP5910 processor. This combination of robust DSP third party code and the OMAP5910 processor will help stimulate the creation of new end-equipments in areas such as telematics, wireless security, medical metering, biometrics, gaming, digital multimedia, location-based services and M-commerce.

Support for TIs New High-Performance OMAP Processor
The dual-core OMAP5910 processor, announced on August 5, 2002, combines the real-time processing capabilities and low power consumption of TIs TMS320C55xTM DSP core and the flexibility, scalability and rich man-machine interface of a TI-enhanced ARM925. The OMAP5910 processor enables embedded developers to program the device in their familiar development environment leveraging the current knowledge base and the large amount of eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms available from TIs DSP third party network members. The embedded ARM developer now has access to the power, performance and efficiencies of the standard application programming interfaces (APIs) and an optimized interprocessor communication mechanism, eliminating the need to program the RISC and DSP independently, greatly reducing programming time and complexity.

The Worlds Best DSP Support Network
The TI DSP third party program, founded more than 5 years ago, now has an industry leading 600+ member companies throughout the world, bringing unsurpassed support to the development of TI DSP-based applications. By taking advantage of TIs TMS320TM algorithm standard, TIs third parties can offer eXpressDSP-compliant C55x algorithms to customers to help them seamlessly integrate and speed product development for their end-equipments based on the OMAP5910 processor. eXpressDSP compliancy on TI DSPs ensures compatibility of algorithms and ease of integration into customer designs. Using the eXpressDSP-compliant third-party algorithms, RISC-based developers can now access and implement DSP functionality while developing in a familiar environment.

"TIs strong support system makes it easy to start OMAP5910 development right away. The power to create or leverage existing code is now back in the hands of the developer," said Greg Mar, OMAP5910 product marketing manager, TI. "Developers can find the DSP code they need to create multimedia applications using the OMAP5910 processor and begin integrating their systems immediately. They can choose as much or as little as their skill sets and time to market requirements allow."

Among the algorithms offered are:

Availability of Algorithms
Algorithms from TI DSP third party developers are available now for the OMAP5910 processor. For a complete list of algorithms on the OMAP5910, please see www.dspvillage.ti.com/omap3p. For more information on the TI DSP third party network, see www.dspvillage.ti.com/v5

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