Magma to Offer Seminars on Nanometer IC Design

8/8/2002 - Magma Design Automation will offer a series of seminars in North American locations beginning September 17. Magma engineers will discuss the latest capabilities and applications of Magma's integrated system for designing fast, multimillion-gate integrated circuits (ICs) in the age of nanometer design. Among the topics will be Magma's synthesis, silicon virtual prototyping, placement & routing, signal integrity analysis and correction, and sign-off verification capabilities.

Magma partners and customers will also discuss their use of Magma software during the seminars, which will be held in locations throughout North America.

"Because Magma software was designed for deep-submicron IC designs - prototyping, synthesis, place & route, and sign-off verification all work together seamlessly - Magma's customers have found it well suited for their most complex chips," said Bob Smith, Magma's vice president, product marketing. "Now that they're working on .09-micron technologies - just 90 nanometers - they are confronted with new challenges, including complex manufacturing rules, noise and other signal integrity problems, power and clock distribution, design prototyping, complexity management and sign-off verification. The design demands become even greater. In these seminars we'll be showing how our products' latest capabilities anticipate the needs of designing in the nanometer realm."

The seminar schedule:

Logic designers, chip architects, layout designers and project managers should attend the seminars. Since the Magma flow covers the entire process from RTL through layout design, the seminar is appropriate for anyone directly involved in chip design process. For more information and to register for Magma's seminar series please visit Magma's Web site at

About Magma Design Automation (
Magma software is used to design fast, multimillion-gate integrated circuits, enabling chip designers to reduce the time required to produce complex ICs. Magma's products for prototyping, synthesis, and place & route provide a single executable for RTL-to-GDSII chip design. The company's Blast FusionTM, Blast Chip®, Blast PlanTM, Blast Noise® and Blast PrototypeTM products utilize Magma's proprietary FixedTiming® methodology and single data model architecture to reduce the timing-closure iterations often required between the logic and physical processes in conventional IC design flows. Magma's Diamond SITM also leverages the single data model architecture to provide an integrated, standalone platform for post-layout, sign-off-quality signal integrity verification.

Magma maintains headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., as well as sales and support facilities in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; Durham, N.C.; Laurys Station, Pa.; Austin and Dallas, Texas; Newcastle, Wash.; and in Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. The company's stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA. Magma, Blast Chip, Blast Noise and FixedTiming are registered trademarks and Blast Fusion, Blast Plan and Diamond SI are trademarks of Magma Design Automation.

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