Compuware DevPartner Studio Includes Full Support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Native Windows Applications

8/8/2002 - Compuware introduced DevPartner Studio 7.0 Professional Edition, a comprehensive suite of tools for developers building applications and web services using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6.0. DevPartner Studio 7.0 incorporates industry-leading features for code review, automated error detection, performance analysis, distributed application analysis and code coverage analysis. Developers use DevPartner Studio to accelerate the development of reliable and high-performing applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework, for native Windows applications and for applications incorporating components of both.

"Time is money when it comes to getting a product to market. Developers need a reliable set of development tools that help them detect errors and debug applications thoroughly and quickly," said beta tester Eric Johnson, senior engineer and co-author of CodeWright. "DevPartner Studio source code and run-time error detection, profiling and code coverage tools help me build reliable code by automatically tracking and measuring application execution quickly and easily."

DevPartner Studio is uniquely equipped to help developers learn Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework as they are building new applications. The product seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6.0 Integrated Development Environments (IDE). It not only finds errors and performance bottlenecks in code, but also explains the errors and points developers to resources on the Web for further information. The result is better and more reliable code and applications, as well as skill improvements that benefit both the developer and the enterprise over the long-term.

With its extensive user interface integration, DevPartner Studio is a natural extension to the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE. Developers can access the DevPartner Studio suite of tools including options settings, online help, output screens and saved files without leaving the IDE, improving their productivity and removing the potential for errors while moving back and forth between tools in different development environments.

"Developers are going to face the challenge of learning the .NET platform as they integrate new .NET applications with existing Windows components that incorporate proven business logic," said Kathleen Quirk, Senior Analyst at the Hurwitz Group. "Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition lets developers learn and employ best development practices across the entire application, including both managed and unmanaged code. This enables enterprises to have confidence in the performance and reliability of their .NET applications, and leverage their legacy code by incorporating it into new development initiatives."

With DevPartner Studio, developers can detect and analyze errors and performance in distributed applications, including web services. These applications include components that ultimately execute on a collection of distributed machines, and it is often difficult to determine where a problem originates during system integration. DevPartner Studio collects and correlates information from all of the application components in a single view, making it easy for developers to analyze the entire application at one time rather than in individual, unconnected pieces.

"Developers are under great pressure to start producing new and innovative applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET," explained Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio families of products. "Many of these applications still use code written for native Windows. DevPartner Studio provides the ability to examine all application components together, treating an application as an integrated whole rather than as individual pieces."

DevPartner Studio 7.0 Professional Edition supports software development using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6.0, or both together, on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4, Windows ME and Windows 98. DevPartner Studio 7.0 Professional Edition will be generally available in August at a U.S. price of $1,495 per seat. Volume discounts are available.

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