TI Increases Support for DSP Developers

8/7/2002 - Texas Instruments is setting a new standard for the level of customer care DSP developers should expect from providers.

"As developers confront shrinking design cycles and increasingly complex designs, we want to ensure they can tap into TI's signal processing expertise and broad network of TI DSP developers as quickly and easily as possible," said Scott Roller, TI´s DSP Internet strategy manager. "We continue to invest in our portfolio of online resources and are adding new applications, such as the discussion groups and KnowledgeBase, all the time. These improvements in online capabilities complement our product information center and field application engineers, who dedicate themselves to helping customers with the most complex questions."

The Web has become an integral part of the design process and is simply the fastest way for customers to access 24/7 support. One way TI has demonstrated the commitment to this effort is the launch of the new and improved DSP Developers´ Village (www.dspvillage.ti.com/launch2), a portal to all TI products and services related to DSPs, which has been designed to map to the way developers think and navigate to make the wealth of TI resources even more accessible. This upgrade includes the addition of new content supporting TI´s new OMAP5910 processor, and it is the first in a series of upcoming Web innovations, content and new tools that will enable a new level of operating efficiency for DSP designers.

DSP Developers´ Village is uniquely positioned to maximize the strength of TI´s DSP developer network by providing a forum for customers to tap into the unmatched depth and breadth of TI´s technical information. New and updated features customers will now see on the site include:

"The emphasis TI is placing on providing strong customer support and developing new and innovative support tools and programs, such as discussion groups, can prove to be a key differentiator in the DSP market space," said Will Strauss, president, Forward Concepts. "Though engineers may not have focused on their suppliers' support offerings in the past, the shrinking design cycles mean they will want more effective support services to ensure smooth and timely development."

Over the last year, TI has launched a number of other support tools, which are in addition to the traditional resources available to customers through the product information center and field applications engineers. New online tools include:

For more information on TI´s renewed emphasis on support see www.dspvillage.ti.com/launch

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