Eastcom Licenses e-SIM for Motorola’s i.250 Platform 2.5G Innovative Convergence Platform

8/7/2002 - Eastcom, a leading manufacturer of mobile communications products, has licensed e-SIM's RapidPLUS technology, which is incorporated in Motorola’s i.250 2.5G Innovative Convergence Platform. The i.250 is a comprehensive silicon-to-software solution for GSM/GPRS wireless handsets. RapidPLUS will be used by Eastcom as a tool to customize the HMI of i.250-based handsets and quickly deploy products with the customized features.

As part of this agreement, Eastcom licensed the RapidPLUS CODE development and code generation tool, as well as its State Machine Runtime Engine, which will be incorporated in each of its handsets.

RapidPLUS technology enables Eastcom and other Motorola customers to save significant development time and costs and enables the development of derivative platforms and implementation of changes with minimal effort. In addition, simulations created with RapidPLUS can be used by Eastcom to facilitate demonstrating, marketing, training and customer support activities as well.

About e-SIM (www.e-sim.com)
Founded in 1990, e-SIM Ltd. is the leading provider of advanced simulation technology for product development, Web-based customer support and marketing. e-SIM's simulation technologies build off its RapidPLUS line of software products that enable product designers and engineers to expedite the concept-to-market life cycle by easily creating simulated computer prototypes that are fully functional, interactive and behaviorally identical to the manufactured products and systems. e-SIM's proprietary technology enables the creation and distribution of electronic LiveManuals, "virtual products" that look and behave like real products, over the Internet or intranet. e-SIM’s customer support Web service, LiveManuals (http://www.livemanuals.com), featuring its proprietary product simulations from multiple manufacturers, interactive user manuals, personal product folios for easy reference, comprehensive manufacturer support information and extended warranties.

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