D&H Distributing to Deliver e.Digital Audio Players to Campus Bookstore Market

8/7/2002 - D&H Distributing will supply e.Digital-branded products to college and university resellers and other merchandisers nationwide beginning this month. D&H is one of America's largest wholesale distributors of consumer electronics and educational products to the educational market and computer and security products to the reseller and solution provider community. D&H distributes consumer electronics products to more than 3,000 college campuses nationwide, representing a market of millions of college students.

Tom Boksa, e.Digital’s Vice President of Consumer Electronics, said, "We are excited to have one of the largest educational distributors in America supplying e.Digital-branded products to campus resellers nationwide. Our alliance with D&H allows us to leverage their dominance in the education market to gain massive access to back-to-school outlets. College students in particular represent the perfect demographic for our MP3 players; they love music, have expendable income, and most have broadband access. Our partnership with D&H plugs us in to this technologically savvy, digitally-connected audience."

"We're proud to add e.Digital's feature-rich MP3 technology to our line-up," said Lynn Gorecki, manager of D&H's education division. D&H is one of the few distributors to devote an entire division to the education market; it's a segment of the company that has grown by 70% over the last two years. "By focusing our resources on particular markets, we're better able to respond to its trends and needs, from the proliferation of PDAs on campuses to the move toward space- saving flat screen monitors in classrooms," Gorecki continued. "e.Digital's products are a fine offering for this sought-after demographic."

Approximately 15 million students strong, the college segment is a large and influential market. The National Association of College Stores estimates U.S. and Canadian college store sales to be $10.68 billion for the 2000-2001 academic year, with over $800 million being spent on computer-related products alone.

D&H will carry e.Digital’s OdysseyTM 100, 200, and 300 MP3 players as well as the Treó™ 15 personal digital jukebox. The Odyssey players are Mac and PC compatible, easy to use, loaded with features, and economically priced. The pocket-sized, lightweight Treó 15 boasts superior sound quality and has a massive, 15 GB hard drive that stores 3,800 tracks or up to 300 CDs worth of digital music.

According to Bryan Jones, Vice President of Broadband Entertainment for e.Digital, "We plan to bolster the tremendous exposure we’ll gain on college campuses with other promotional activities to drive demand at colleges and universities around the nation. With 93% of college students accessing the Internet, they are the most connected segment of the population. We will provide these students with a variety of downloadable streaming content they can use on their e.Digital players. This is an exciting step in the growth of e.Digital and its Broadband Entertainment Business Unit."

About D&H Distributing (www.dandh.com)
One of America's largest wholesale distributors of microcomputer products, consumer electronics, educational products and security products, D&H has been distributing to the reseller and solution provider community for more than 84 years. The company recently earned the highest overall performance rating among the top five preferred distributors in CRN magazine's annual Preferred Sourcing Study, reflecting responses from more than 3,000 solution providers. D&H leads the computer industry in emerging technologies and is known for providing every solution provider - from large, national accounts to small, independent business owners - with top-quality products, competitive prices and highly personalized service. D&H Distributing is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, with shipping locations in Harrisburg, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Dallas and Visalia, CA.

About e.Digital (www.edig.com)
e.Digital Corporation designs, licenses, brands, manufactures, and sells digital audio products and technologies. The company's trademarked digital audio players include the MXPTM 100, TreóTM 15 and Treó 10, Odyssey TM 100, Odyssey 200, and Odyssey 300. The company also offers an engineering partnership for the world’s leading electronics companies to link portable digital devices to PCs and the Internet. e.Digital develops and markets to consumer electronics manufacturers complete end-to-end solutions for delivery and management of open and secure digital media with a focus on music, voice and video players/recorders, and automotive infotainment and telematics systems. Other applications for e.Digital’s technology include portable digital music players and voice recorders; desktop, laptop, and handheld computers; PC peripherals; cellular phone peripherals; e-books; video games; digital cameras; and digital video recorders. Engineering services range from the licensing of e.Digital’s patented MicroOS TM file management system to custom software and hardware development, industrial design, and manufacturing services.

e.Digital, Odyssey, and Treó are trademarks of e.Digital Corporation.

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