Fujitsuís GlobalSTORE Point-of-Sale Software Selected by Godiva Chocolatier

8/6/2002 - Godiva Chocolatier Inc. selected Fujitsuís GlobalSTORE® point-of-sale software for 250 boutique stores in the United States and Canada. The rollout, which begins in August, is part of the retailerís efforts to enhance customer service and drive down costs as it moves to a complete Microsoft® Windows® platform.

GlobalSTORE is an essential part of iSTORETM, Fujitsuís first lifecycle solution introduced in January that combines hardware, software and services to drive out costs and increase savings and return on investment.

"Fujitsuís GlobalSTORE delivers a point-of-service experience that makes visiting a Godiva boutique more personal, more convenient and less time-consuming," said Don Gould, director of global business applications at Godiva, based in New York. "With GlobalSTORE, weíre able to service customers and complete transactions more quickly. Eventually it will enable us to know more about every customer who walks in."

For Godivaís store managers and associates, GlobalSTORE is a graphical tool Ė an intuitive Windows interface Ė that performs customer transactions and generates store reports. "Store managers, at any point in time, can quickly run a report to check specific types of transactions, sales by SKU, even real-time shrinkage data," said Gould. "Now, we have a way to provide best-practice point of service while also optimizing store operations."

For example, a typical Godiva boutique includes two Fujitsu TeamPoS® terminals, which are more than adequate for most of the year. However, during peak demand seasons such as Valentinesí Day and Christmas, customers pack the stores and can end up waiting in long lines, with some customers leaving before they make an actual purchase. Godiva expects GlobalSTORE to help solve that problem.

"We can actually use GlobalSTORE at checkout counters or any service point, be it a terminal or wireless handheld," said Gould. "Being able to serve customers in line using a handheld is something weíre interested in. GlobalSTOREís flexibility and functionality are key to such an initiative."

GlobalSTORE, which runs on the Microsoft Windows platform, is part of Godiva's ongoing efforts to migrate its store systems from aging OS/2-based software to Windows. "GlobalSTORE represents our transition to Windows," said Gould, who considers Fujitsu to be the retailerís primary hardware, software and services provider.

"With Fujitsu serving as a total lifecycle solutions provider, weíre able to centralize our migration, gain cost efficiencies and capitalize on Fujitsuís strength to stage, install, service and maintain store hardware and software throughout North America," Gould said. The two companies have maintained a relationship since 1986 and have grown that into todayís "lifecycle solutions" relationship. Fujitsu's iSTORE lifecycle solution is a combination of infrastructure management services, hardware and software designed to optimize efficiencies to reduce retailers' total cost of ownership.

"Fujitsu serves as a one-stop shop for our store systems technologies," said Gould. "By centralizing our technologies with a single source, we're better able to manage all the intricacies of installation, implementation and ongoing services, and know exactly whom to go to when we need additional expertise and support. From an ROI perspective, it really makes the most sense."

"Fujitsu challenges Godiva and North American retailers to seek proof vs. promises from vendors of retail technology," said Austen Mulinder, president and chief executive officer at Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. "As retailers face more pressures and more demands, they need more evidence that ROI is more than just a promise or pretense of salesmanship. Our goal is to deliver lifecycle solutions that actually drive out costs and demonstrate that ROI can be recognized, quantified and realized."

About Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.
Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc., headquartered in Dallas, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702). The company is a total lifecycle solutions supplier for North American retailers and financial services providers. Fujitsu optimizes the customerís technology lifecycle and reduces total cost of ownership with point-of-sale (POS) hardware and software, handheld devices and applications, Web-enabled automated-teller machines (ATMs) and infrastructure services, including asset management. Fujitsu offers world-class customer-service support, call centers, product staging/integration and rapid-response rollouts. It serves customers such as Albertsonís, Nordstrom, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), Safeway, Staples and The TJX Companies, among others.

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