Jungo Releases Updated Embedded Software Platform

8/6/2002 - Jungo Software Technologies, a leading provider of residential gateway software and technologies, introduced OpenRG version 2.0, Jungo's embedded software platform for broadband access devices. OpenRG version 2.0 is backward compatible with OpenRG's previous versions and provides gateway builders with a more robust and efficient, production ready software suite that supports the emerging technologies and standards required by the broadband service providers.

In version 2.0, OpenRG delivers a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) module, integrated with Jungo's new patent-pending technology for network mapping and auto learning DNS to enable true plug-and-play home networking. OpenRG version 2.0 introduces IGMPv2 for multicast, RIP v1 and v2, and DMZ modules to meet the requirements of SOHO and SME users.

OpenRG version 2.0 features a revolutionary user interface including a dynamic graphical network map that enables the user to view the network status and easily manage the gateway configuration. The management design allows configuration changes without the need to reboot the system.

UPnP is an emerging standard, supported by Windows Me and Windows XP, that simplifies the interconnection of devices such as PCs, PDAs, printers, etc., on a network. With OpenRG's UPnP stack, vendors can now develop sophisticated gateway devices that seamlessly interconnect with network PCs and devices without the need for user configuration, centralized servers, or product-specific device drivers.

Single-thread technology, introduced in OpenRG version 2.0, enables many different applications and services to run in a single thread, as opposed to conventional multi-process and multi-threaded approaches, where each application and service has its own process or thread. This technology improves performance of servers under heavy load, reduces footprint by 30%, and reduces per connection memory allocations by up to 99%.

Derry Shribman, Jungo's CTO and VP R&D explains, "Opening an HTTP connection on a traditional multi-thread system will spawn a new process to handle the request (CGI), and at least 150KB RAM will be allocated to this process. In a single-threaded architecture the additional memory allocated is only a 760 byte session. This means that OpenRG version 2.0 can handle many more concurrent connections, and run applications at up to 30 times faster than traditional systems, without requiring expensive additional RAM or CPU power."

Pricing and Availability
OpenRG is available today to system vendors who wish to create a sophisticated revenue-generating broadband access device. For pricing information please contact us at: openrg@jungo.com

About OpenRG
OpenRG is a scalable suite of software infrastructure and technologies that OEMs require in order to bring residential gateways / IADs to market. OpenRG leverages a wide range of compelling broadband-based applications and services - and includes drivers, operating system and remote management capabilities. OpenRG delivers a set of highly integrated applications and services required for the home and small office such as: home networking (HomePNA, wireless LAN - 802.11b, Bluetooth), network security (Stateful Packet Inspection), Virtual Private Networking (VPN), remote management (web and SNMP based) and remote update capabilities.

About Jungo (www.jungo.com)
Jungo Software Technologies develops the OpenRG residential gateway software platform that enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bring broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) such as residential gateways, SOHO gateways and IADs to market quickly. Jungo also provides software development tools for embedded systems and telephony applications, which have millions of installations in the market to date. Jungo is a privately held company with corporate offices in San Jose, California, sales and support offices in Taipei, Taiwan and an R&D center in Israel. Founded in 1998, Jungo is backed by strong venture funding including Telesoft Partners, as well as strategic investors including Infineon Ventures and Intel Communications Fund.

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