Embedded Security Leader Intoto Receives Full VPNC Certification for iGateway VPN

8/6/2002 - Intoto, a leader in the embedded security market, received full certification from VPNC (Virtual Private Network Consortium) for its iGateway VPN solution by passing all the three levels of conformance testing and complete interoperability testing. iGateway is a fully integrated network security software platform with NAT, stateful inspection Firewall, and Virtual Private Networking (IPSec, IKE, and PKI), with provisioning, remote management, logging, and configuration capabilities.

Intoto’s iGateway VPN software successfully passed the VPNC testing for all three conformance procedures including - Basic, Rekeying, and Certificates. The Basic test incorporates product initiating an IPsec ESP tunnel to each of the two test gateways consisting of TripleDES for encryption, SHA-1 for hash, 1024-bit key exchange, and a preshared secret for authentication. Rekeying testing involves automatically rekeying the Phase 2 SA. The Phase 2 SAs also use perfect forward secrecy ("PFS"). Certificates test, the most comprehensive of the three, verifies that the system has the ability to create an IPSEC tunnel by using PKIX certificates.

"We are very pleased that our product was successfully certified by VPNC for conformance and interoperability," said Sathyan Iyengar, President & CEO at Intoto Inc. "This conformance and interoperability certification accelerates time-to-market for our customers building secured gateway equipment. OEM manufacturers can immediately leverage our certified products to jumpstart the development of their security solutions, and deliver fully interoperable, completely functional security solutions."

Intoto's certified off-the-shelf embedded security solutions enable OEM manufacturers of broadband gateways and remote access gateways, to accelerate time-to-market and readily utilize various processor platforms for product development. Intoto's solutions are available for a wide range of processors including x86, PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, StrongARM, SoCs, Network Processors, among others. Intoto's iGateway product architecture is RTOS neutral and is available on a wide range of RTOSs and Linux OS.

"By participating in the conformance testing and interoperability testing of VPNC, Intoto has shown its commitment to provide standards based security solutions to its customers." said Paul Hoffman, Director VPN Consortium. "VPNC certification of conformance and interoperability gives equipment manufacturers a stronger assurance on Intoto’s iGateway products and further enhances Intoto’s ability to accelerate time-to-market. In addition, Intoto’s products are more suitable for mainstream deployments."

About VPNC (www.vpnc.com)
Virtual Private Network Consortium (VPNC), is highly respected for their role as the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market. They strive to serve as the forum for the VPN manufacturers throughout the world. Through this they have increased interoperability between members, provide publicity and support for interoperability testing events, and help the press and potential customers understand VPN technologies and standards.

About Intoto (www.intotoinc.com)
Intoto Inc. is a leading provider of secure embedded gateway infrastructure software to OEMs and processor vendors in the communications gateway market segment. Intoto Inc. offers iGatewayTM product platform, a fully integrated comprehensive embedded gateway software platform that includes:

Intoto's licensing-based business model allows equipment manufacturers to create and rapidly deploy fully validated, reliable gateway equipment. Equipment manufacturers have successfully reduced development costs, and re-used the modular software across multiple products to maximize returns. Founded in 1998, Intoto Inc.’s headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley- Santa Clara, California and has a subsidiary development center (Intoto Software India Pvt. Ltd.) in India.

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