Elanix Introduces Scattering Parameter Models for SystemView

8/5/2002 - Elanix, integrates Scattering Parameter models (S-parameters) within the SystemView environment. The design engineer is provided with component level modeling in a system level simulation tool. S-parameters are modeled as a two-port system including network parameters, source impedance, transmission line delay and load impedance. Frequency gain and phase values are input to S-parameter tokens through Touchstone® formatted files.

"The addition of network parameters to SystemView's RF/Analog library is a major enhancement to the existing distortion-true capabilities of the library. Designers now have a single integrated design environment for mixed signal and SoC design that fully supports the complete analog and digital devices found in modern system designs,” said Dr. Patrick Ready, Elanix president.

All Network Parameter Types Supported
The SystemView by Elanix® graphical interface displays individual scattering, admittance, impedance, hybrid-G or hybrid-H network parameter coefficients in tabular and graphical form. Designers can observe the input/output reflection, reverse/forward gain/loss in real time through SystemView’s interface. Gain and phase data is displayed as the token is defined providing the design engineer complete control of the simulation. Designers can analyze, modify and update parameters within the same working environment.

Cascaded S-Parameter Tokens
Cascaded devices such as amplifier chains are fully supported. Cascade any S-parameter token and the SystemView design evaluates the feed-forward as well as all reflectivity within the S-parameter blocks. This is commensurate with SystemView’s commitment to accurate physical models of RF components. Data is available at all token outputs allowing the user the ability to observe the signal waveforms at any time.

Smith Chart Flexibility
S-parameter tokens provide the option to view the impedance and reflectivity using a Smith chart. Smith chart data can be viewed, printed or output to file.

Reactive Impedance
The Source Impedance and Load Impedance tokens provide the user with RLC circuit element design capability.

S-parameter models are available now with the RF/Analog library of SystemView by Elanix.

About Elanix, Inc. (www.elanix.com)
Established in 1991 and headquartered in Westlake Village, CA, Elanix, Inc. offers SystemView by Elanix, the Windows®-based design tool for system-level modeling of mixed signal communications, distortion true RF/Analog, and bit-true DSP systems. Elanix, Inc. provides industry and government with software and services to realize innovative design architectures keeping pace with today’s time to market requirements. Elanix, Inc. provides worldwide university support.

SystemView by Elanix is a registered trademark of Elanix, Inc., Touchstone is a registered trademark of Agilent Corporation, Windows is a Registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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