Sensory Provide Speech Recognition Set-Top Box

8/2/2002 - Sensory, the leading provider of high-quality, low-cost embedded speech technology, has been selected as speech recognition provider for the Virtual Interface for a Set-Top box Agent (VISTA) project. Led by the United Kingdom's Independent Television Commission, the VISTA project will examine the potential use of technologies that allow primarily visually impaired viewers to "speak" commands to the TV and have the TV "talk" back, to select programs from the hundreds of digital channels now available.

As take-up of digital television continues to grow, Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) offering details of current and future programming have become a valued feature in the vast majority of digital homes across the UK. While they provide clear benefits to most viewers, EPGs can present difficulties for those viewers who are unable to read text information either on screen or on a remote control, or who are physically unable to handle a remote control. It is hoped that, in future, devices with voice recognition and speech synthesis functionality may allow these viewers to access more easily the benefits of digital television.

Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory adds: "Sensory has successfully implemented speech technology into wireless remote controls, so our involvement in the VISTA project is a natural extension of these efforts."

Sensory's Fluent Speech technology will be used to perform high-accuracy recognition with no user training. The recognition engine is able to build new, virtually unlimited vocabularies based on text input, such as from the Electronic Program Guide. Other VISTA project partners include British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), Televirtual, and several Universities including City University, The University of East Anglia, and The Victoria University of Manchester.

About Sensory, Inc. (
Sensory, Inc. is the world leader in embedded speech technologies. Sensory's speech technologies include speech recognition, speaker verification, speech synthesis, and animated speech, and are used in consumer electronics, cell phones, PDA's, internet appliances, interactive toys, automobiles, and other environmentally challenging applications where low cost and high quality is essential. Sensory offers a complete line of integrated circuit and embedded software solutions to customers such as Avon, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, IDT, JVC, Kenwood, Matsushita, Mattel, MGA, Mitsubishi, Radica, Sega, Sharper Image, Sony, Tektronix, Toshiba, Uniden, and VOS. Sensory was founded in 1994 and is based in Santa Clara, California.

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