OSS Through Java APIs Released for Rapid Deployment

8/1/2002 - The OSS Common API and of the Common Design Guidelines was released by Sun Microsystems and other members of the OSS through JavaTM Initiative. These deliverables help ensure that all applications developed according to OSS through Java specifications can be quickly and uniformly integrated into the comprehensive telemanagement solutions demanded by the industry.

The OSS through Java APIs are designed to speed the deployment of new OSS (Operations Support System) and BSS (Business Support System) solutions, lower operating costs and lay the foundation for the end-to-end solutions that deliver higher margin services. Seamless application interoperability is ensured through standardized common objects and architecture for the specification of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM), XML and Web Services interfaces that support tightly, as well as loosely integrated OSS solutions.

The APIs eliminate one of the most vexing barriers to profitability-the need to create interfaces between multiple vendor applications. Now developers everywhere can build function-rich applications that will integrate rapidly into existing or new OSS/BSS systems and will interoperate easily with other components of these systems.

"OSS through Java Initiative APIs significantly accelerate the development of flexible applications supporting innovative OSS/BSS solutions. This flexibility and the advantage of using Java and XML technologies directly supports the agile business models being adopted by today's telecommunications companies," said Philippe Lalande, Sun Microsystems, the Initiative's program manager. "The release of the Common API and Design Guidelines is a very important step for the Initiative. This is the foundation for all existing and future open standard interfaces, as well as a pragmatic template to rapidly integrated OSS/J compatible applications."

Sun Microsystems led a development group that built the OSS Common API, with BEA Ericsson, MetaSolv, NEC, Nokia and Telcordia contributing expertise and resources.

"Design Guidelines are the basis for open standard interfaces, and, as such, this represents a major milestone," said Pat Roche, Vice President and General Manager, Integrated Solution Engineering, Telcordia Technologies. "OSS/J Design Guidelines have been a key influence on Telcordia's direction toward ongoing Open Systems requirements. The establishment of an industry direction in structuring interfaces is strategically important to our clients and us. We look forward to our continued participation in OSS through Java Initiative activities."

The Initiative's APIs adhere to Java Community Process[sm] (JCP) standards. JCP deliverables include a specification, a reference implementation, and a technology compatibility kit-all of which, including source code, can be downloaded from the Initiative's web site: http://java.sun.com/products/oss/

The OSS through Java Initiative will demonstrate its latest APIs, as well as the work in progress on new APIs, at TeleManagement World in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 28-31, 2002. Many of the Initiative's members actively participate in the TeleManagement Forum.

About the OSS through Java Initiative (java.sun.com/products/oss)
Building on the success of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) technology in enterprise applications and e-commerce, the OSS through Java Initiative is chartered to develop APIs that accelerate the development of innovative OSS/BSS solutions where all applications function together. The Initiative's APIs are standardized under the latest Java Community ProcessSM (JCP) program. JCP deliverables for each application area consist of a specification, a reference implementation, and a technology compatibility kit -- all of which, including source code, are made available to the industry free of charge. The Initiative's APIs help Service Providers jumpstart the deployment of end-to-end services on next-generation wireless networks and leverage the convergence of telecommunications and Internet-based solutions. Members of the Initiative include BEA, Borland, Digital Fairway, Eftia, Ericsson, eXcelon, Herschel Technologies, IP Value, MetaSolv, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Prismtech, PwC Consulting, Sun Microsystems, Telcordia Technologies and Telegea.

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