Anritsu Launches System for Testing the True Performance of Tower Mounted Amplifiers

8/1/2002 - Anritsu Company introduced the ME7842B Tower Mounted Amplifier Test System (TMATS). The TMATS dramatically simplifies testing of Multi-port TMAs by orchestrating final test measurements in under 30 Seconds.

TMATS dramatically simplifies the complexity of testing multi-port TMA configurations, can conduct final tests in under 30 seconds, and can easily integrate into existing test executive environments in about a week. TMATS consists of Anritsu’s Scorpion® Vector Network Measurement System (VNMS), flexible multi-port test set, and easy-to-use Scorpion NavigatorTM software.

The flexibility of the ME7842B is in the test set design. This allows TMAs with 2-5 ports to be thoroughly tested with a single connection. The test set's design increases manufacturing efficiency and productivity compared to alternative TMA testing methods that require multiple test stations. For added flexibility, Anritsu has designed TMATS with two auxiliary paths, so the system can accommodate custom measurements like Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) as well as future requirements. With Anritsu’s Scorpion Navigator software, TMATS provides engineers with the power and simplicity to see the true performance of both current and future TMA configurations.

The ME7842B provides the necessary paths for S-parameter tests that can be performed with clear pass/fail limit lines to quickly determine insertion loss, return loss, ripple and out-of-band performance. Active measurements, such as gain, noise figure (NF), compression, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD) and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), can also be performed in many paths. In addition, the Navigator software does not require a significant learning curve due to the intuitive user-interface for handling the different paths and measurements. This approach ensures the system can be quickly brought on-line and begin characterizing most TMA configurations in only a few hours.

Complementing the flexibility is TMATS’s accuracy and measurement speed. The test set performs S-parameter measurements with +0.1 dB accuracy and has IMD accuracy of +1 dB max. (at >-60 dBc). It can measure noise figure less than 0.5 dB and gain compression as high as +16 dBm. Depending upon the test requirements, the TMA measurements can be performed in minutes, and in some cases seconds, instead of hours. By conducting tests typically faster than other test systems, TMATS dramatically reduces costs associated with manufacturing the variety of TMA configurations.

Covering the 10 MHz ~ 6 GHz frequency range, TMATS handles a maximum TMA output power level of +20 dBm and has a typical dynamic range of 80 dB. This system can provide an input power range to the TMA of 0 dBm to –85 dBm, with typical port power accuracy of +0.1 dB when using an optional power meter.

TMATS’s ability to conduct such accurate analysis on current and future TMA configurations is extremely important in light of emerging 3G applications. When installed close to the antenna, the TMA reduces system noise and improves sensitivity, which will enable installed base stations to accommodate lower-power 3G signals. The accurate analysis of TMAs by TMATS will help assure the successful transmission of 3G digital mobile signals in these applications.

TMATS has a starting base price in the U.S. of $91,825. Delivery is 12 weeks ARO.

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