Solidum PAX.port 1200 To Provide Classification for Harbour Networks Edge Switch

7/31/2002 - Solidum's PAX.port 1200 classification and content inspection processor has been selected to enable intelligent application management in a new generation of access edge switches being developed by China's Harbour Networks Company Ltd.

Beijing-based Harbour Networks Company Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a full line of broadband IP network equipment and solutions for carriers, service providers, enterprises and government offices in China. The company supplies a variety of customers, including China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, China Railway Communication, as well as finance and service industry, government offices and education institutes. Harbour Networks has 27 offices and technical support centers across China.

"The Solidum classification and content inspection solution centred around the PAX.port 1200 processor gives our switch the ability to classify every packet going through the switch and look into Layer 7 content," says Li Jianguo, vice R&D manager, Harbour Networks Co., Ltd. "This gives our switch the ability to make intelligent data management decisions that can be used to deliver on differentiated service and QoS requirements."

"Harbour's decision is further proof that Solidum offers the best solution for classification and content inspection in next generation networking equipment," says Tim Beck, Vice-President of Worldwide Sales, Solidum. "With the PAX.port 1200 in their switch, Harbour will enable carriers and service providers to deliver enhanced services and to account and bill for those services based on individual usage requirements."

Solidum's PAX.port 1200 is a 4-channel, multi-Gigabit, application specific standard product (ASSP) classification processor. It is optimized for full Layer 7 content inspection and regular expression matching at OC-12.

The PAX.port 1200 uses an advanced programmable classification engine to non-intrusively monitor packet data on an SSRAM interface or high-speed data bus. It identifies and tags packet headers and payload data on the fly and stores the results in per-channel queues to be read by the network processor. The tags can directly drive application logic or signal a host NPU/CPU, thus significantly reducing the data path workload.

Content inspection and regular expression matching on Solidum's PAX.port 1200 can be programmed using Solidum's SDK, the leading development system for programmable classification processing. provides complete programming and execution environments that make it possible for equipment designers to prototype, test, and debug complex classification to fit specific applications. It provides the ultimate programming flexibility for classification processing because it is based on Solidum's open, fourth generation PAX pattern description language (PDL).

About Solidum
Solidum provides a complete hardware and software solution for programmable classification of converged communications traffic, with true Quality of Service, in network edge equipment.

Based on programmable state machine technology and an openly distributed pattern description language Solidum's scalable and forward compatible classification processors parse, identify and tag packets at wirespeed. This improves the speed, power, efficiency, time-to-market and time-in-market of next generation network processing architectures. (

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