Quanta Computers Selects Ramtron's FRAM for Server Raid Disk Systems

7/31/2002 - Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR), the leading developer of next-generation nonvolatile memory products, announced today that Taiwan-based Quanta Computers has selected the company’s ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) for RAID (redundant array of independent disks) subsystems used in PC-based servers. Quanta Computers, one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers, has chosen Ramtron’s 3-volt, 256-kilobit FM18L08, specifically for the product’s guaranteed unlimited read/write endurance and cost effectiveness. In the application, FRAM stores RAID tables and serve as a buffer before data reaches the hard drive, writing virtually non-stop and preserving its data state even if the power goes out – a feature inherent to all FRAM products. The FM18L08 is ideal for applications requiring frequent or rapid writes and data protection in the event of power loss. Other features contributing to the design win included low power consumption and fast read/write speed. As the largest notebook PC manufacturer in the world, Quanta engages in long-term cooperation with leading brands like Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, and Apple Computer.

“Supplying an industry leader like Quanta Computers marks FRAM’s entrée and acceptance into a growing server market,” said Mike Alwais, vice president of FRAM products, Ramtron International Corporation. “We are pleased to be selected by Quanta as a supplier of this key component in a critical system. Being selected by a leader in system design and cost-effective manufacturing is another example of the mounting worldwide acceptance of FRAM memory.”

Other end applications for FRAM include office equipment, such as laser printers, business telephones, and photocopiers; industrial equipment, including all types of process controls and metering; and telecom/networking configuration storage and network status information systems.

About FM18L08
The FM18L08 is the world's first commercial nonvolatile memory to feature unlimited endurance. Accelerated characterization of the FM18L08’s underlying FRAM technology guarantees virtually unlimited read/write endurance. FM18L08 eliminates the reliability concerns, functional disadvantages and system design complexities of battery-backed SRAM. With its unlimited access cycles, it provides any combination of volatile and nonvolatile storage, replacing both SRAM and EEPROM in the end system with no disadvantages. All FRAM 3 volt products include the unlimited endurance feature, and they are FM24CL64, FM24CL16, and the FM25CL64. For more information please visit Ramtron’s product homepage at http://www.ramtron.com/products/producthome.htm

About Quanta
Based in Taiwan, Quanta Computer designs and manufactures a full range of computer systems including notebook and home PCs, peripherals, add-on cards, accessories, communication devices, LCD monitors, multimedia players and accessories. Quanta is the largest notebook PC maker in the world, selling more than 4 million units per year. Quanta employs more than 2400 people worldwide and had $3.9B billion in revenue in 2001. Quanta engages in long-term cooperation with leading brands like Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, and Apple Computer.

About Ramtron
Ramtron is the world leader in ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) products -- new high-performance nonvolatile memories that merge the benefits of many mainstream memory technologies into a single device. The company also develops and markets ultra-high-performance memory products through its subsidiary, Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc.

For more information about Ramtron and its products, contact: Communications Department, Ramtron International Corporation, 1850 Ramtron Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, 80921. Telephone is 800-545-FRAM (3726); FAX is 719-481-9294; E-mail address is info@ramtron.com. Homepage is http://www.ramtron.com

Except for historical information, the preceding statements contain forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are inherently difficult to predict and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially, including, but not limited to, expectations of the business environment in which Ramtron operates; projections of future performance; demand for our products and the products of our principal FRAM customers; the level and timing of orders that we receive and that we can ship in a quarter; levels of inventories at our distributors and other customers; inventory mix and timing of customer orders; the success of our ongoing cost-reduction efforts; our timely introduction of new technologies and products; market acceptance of our new products and those of our customers; our ability to ramp new products into volume production; and factors not directly related to the company, such as competitive pressures on pricing, market conditions in general, competition, technological progression, product obsolescence, and the changing needs of potential customers and the semiconductor industry in general, and current political conditions and negative trends in the global economy. Ramtron intends to continue its policy of not updating forward-looking statements other than in publicly available documents.

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