Module Combines 1Mgate Virtex-II FPGA with 14-bit A/D and D/A

7/30/2002 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. today introduced the HERON-IO4, the latest in a series modular hardware options for addressing wireless communications and other high bandwidth DSP applications. The HERON-IO4 combines a 14-bit A/D analog input supporting up to 65MSPS (Millions of Samples Per Second), two 14-bit D/A analog outputs, each supporting up to 125MSPS, and an on-board Virtex™-II FPGA clocked at up to 365MHz. Together, the resources combine to provide a software programmable analog front end, capable of processing high bandwidth analog signals in real-time.

The release of the HERON-IO4 continues the series of high performance HERON-IO interface modules geared towards wireless communications and other high bandwidth DSP applications. It follows in the footsteps of the HERON-IO2 module, introduced in mid-2001 with two 12-bit 105MSPS analog inputs, two 14-bit 125MSPS analog outputs, and a choice of 200kGate Spartan-II clocked at up to 180MHz or a 1M Gate Virtex-II FPGA clocked at up to 365MHz.

The Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA plays a pivotal role in the design of the HERON-IO4, allowing high bandwidth data to be processed in real-time with software programmable functions such as digital filters, decimators, FFTs, and down-conversion algorithms. Once processed, data can be output via the two 14-bit D/A channels, or forwarded via a FIFO interface to Texas Instruments TMS320C6000™ DSP Processors or other I/O modules within a HERON DSP System.

“FPGA technology has advanced to the point where it provides a substantial resource for demanding, high bandwidth, real-time DSP applications.” Commented Stephen J. Bradshaw, President of Traquair, Inc. “HERON DSP Systems provide application developers with unrivaled capabilities. The heterogeneous nature of HERON DSP Systems allows developers to utilize the latest FPGAs alongside the latest DSP and Data Acquisition technologies - all within a single, fully integrated hardware environment.”

Users can take advantage of the Xilinx Foundation™ Integrated Synthesis Environment (ISE) for their HERON FPGA designs. They can also benefit from the range of ready-to-use DSP core solutions from Xilinx and Xilinx 3rd Party AllianceCORE™ partners. These include filters, correlators, Fast Fourier Transforms, direct digital synthesis, math functions, and memories.

The HERON-IO4 (and HERON-IO2) are added as modular components to the Hunt Engineering designed HERON DSP Systems, alongside high performance TMS320C6000 DSP processors and a wide range of other data acquisition and I/O interface options. Conforming to a small 4” x 2.5” HERON module footprint, up to four such modules can be fitted to a PCI based HERON Carrier Board such as the HEPC9.

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