Jungo First to Provide Driver Development Tools with 64-Bit Support Under 32-Bit Operating Systems

7/30/2002 - Jungo Software Technologies Inc., a leading provider of device driver development software tools, today announced that its driver development tools now support 64-bit PCI data transfer on x86 platforms running 32-bit operating systems. This innovative technology enables achieving data transfer rates previously unattainable on such platforms.

While 64-bit hardware permeates the market, 32-bit operating systems still dominate, preventing realization of the benefits of 64-bit hardware, an example being significant improvement of data transfer rates. Platforms running 32-bit operating systems on x86 CPUs support only 32-bit data transfer. However, Jungo's driver development tools, WinDriver and KernelDriver, allow tapping into the superior bandwidth of 64-bit hardware to enable 64-bit data transfer.

WinDriver and KernelDriver simplify the development of device drivers for USB / PCI / CompactPCI / ISA / ISAPnP and EISA custom hardware under Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP, Windows CE, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks. The tools feature graphical development environments, APIs, diagnostic and debug utilities and samples, and eliminate the need for both kernel and DDK knowledge.

Drivers developed using WinDriver and KernelDriver will attain significantly better performance results than drivers written with the DDK or other driver development tools. To date such tools do not enable 64-bit data transfer under x86 platforms running 32-bit operating systems. Jungo's benchmark performance testing results for 64-bit data transfer indicate a significant improvement of data transfer rates compared to 32-bit data transfer, guaranteeing that drivers developed with WinDriver and KernelDriver achieve far better performance than 32-bit data transfer normally allows.

"Jungo continues to exploit new techniques for achieving greater levels of efficiency that will enable its customers to take advantage of new industry standards," said Roy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager at Jungo. "Driver development tools that support 64-bit data transfer will be adopted by hardware vendors who wish to penetrate new markets and increase their overall market share."

Availability WinDriver and KernelDriver version 5.2 will include 64-bit data transfer support. A beta release will be available from 08/04/2002 on Jungo's site at: http://www.jungo.com/dnload.html. Support for Intel Itanium 64-bit platform and Microsoft 64 bit operating systems is planned for future WinDriver and KernelDriver versions.

About Jungo
Founded in 1998, Jungo Software Technologies Inc.(http://www.jungo.com/) is a privately held company with corporate offices in Sunnyvale CA and Taipei Taiwan, and an R&D center in Israel. Jungo's driver development product line, featuring WinDriver, enables developers to quickly create drivers for custom devices that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification. Jungo's residential gateway software product line features Jungo's embedded software component product line, featuring small footprint, high quality UPnP, USB Host and USB Remote NDIS software stacks, enable software and hardware vendors to incorporate various connectivity features into both their host and peripheral products. OpenRG - a complete residential gateway software solution running on various CPUs and hardware platforms, provided to OEM broadband access device manufacturers, and broadband silicon vendors. Jungo is backed by strong venture funding including TeleSoft Partners, as well as strategic investors including Intel Communications Fund and Infineon Ventures.

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