American Arium Launches Its Latest Debug Solution for ARM Developers

7/30/2002 - American Arium, an industry leader in software debug and integration tool development, today announced production release of its latest debug solution for the embedded space with its SourcePoint™ 5.0 debugger and SC-1000 emulator for ARM. The software and hardware combination offers full support for systems using ARM9-based SOPCs, including integrated debug for the ARM ETM trace module.

“SourcePoint 5.0 and the SC-1000 represent our first full-fledged entry into the embedded space,” said Larry Traylor, American Arium’s CEO. “Not only have we included ETM trace as a standard part of the package for better, more highly integrated results, but we’ve incorporated a new proprietary compression technology that moves trace data off-chip, eliminating the buffer size limitations normally associated with ETM real-time trace. We believe our debug tools incorporate the kind of functionality and ease of use that will set it apart from the competition and make it the best ARM9 debugger in the industry today.”

Traylor was referring to first-of-its-kind trace compression technology that increases trace depth substantially. With compression disabled, the trace buffer holds up to 2 M samples; when enabled, it holds up to 60 M virtual samples, depending on the application being debugged. In addition, the emulator supports 200 MHz trace capture in full clock mode, supports all ETM trace configurations and ETM triggering capabilities, handles trace stoppage without stopping the processor, and offers selectable timestamp resolution down to 10 ns. It handles up to eight ARM cores on one JTAG chain and up to two ETMs on a 38-pin target connector. The SC-1000 emulator supports full instruction ARM and Thumb® sets and is designed for use with today’s most popular compilers.

The SourcePoint interface software enhances trace debug with superb manipulation of ETM triggering, allowing users to initiate multi-level sequential triggers/actions for complex “and” and “or-ed” event management. Setting up a sequence is easy, too, with Microsoft® Windows®-based dialog boxes that are highly intuitive. In addition, the debug solution provides the user with excellent code manipulation, including single stepping at machine level, outstanding control of resources and events, and a robust command language that lets them execute loops, data and array variables, file I/O, and more. At the chip level it allows designers and programmers control all registers, provides ready access to memory, and gives the user the option to define memory regions. Additionally, SourcePoint offers reliable multi-processor support.

SourcePoint 5.0 currently ships with American Arium’s SC-1000 emulator or is available for use with ARM® Armulator™. When coupled with ARM ARMulator, Verisity® Specman Elite™, and popular Verilog and VHDL logic simulators, SourcePoint (known as SourcePoint-CoDesign™) executes low level code, device drivers, diagnostics, and RTOS in a simulated environment.

About American Arium
American Arium, a privately held corporation, is a manufacturer of hardware and software development tools supporting Intel® and ARM® processors. American Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software such as BIOS, device drivers, OS kernels, and embedded applications.

The company can be reached at 14811 Myford Road, Tustin, CA 92780. Telephone: (877)-508-3970 toll free or (714) 731-1661. E-mail: Browse:

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