Compuware Enhances Device Driver Development Suite for Windows Operating Systems

7/29/2002 - Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWR) today announced the general availability of DriverStudio 2.7, a suite of tools that accelerates the development, debugging, testing, tuning and deployment of Windows device drivers. DriverStudio 2.7 is a comprehensive Windows driver development environment that addresses the entire driver development life cycle. Its suite of tools helps engineers produce highly reliable well-tuned device drivers that meet strict Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) quality standards and tight hardware release schedules.

One of the most innovative new features introduced in DriverStudio 2.7 is its host/target architecture that allows driver developers to debug, test and tune drivers on a remote machine without leaving the security and confines of their development machine. The host controls the target and can be connected using a serial cable or a TCP/IP connection through a LAN, WAN or Internet connection.

DriverStudio 2.7 also provides full support for Windows XP, addressing the demand for new device drivers resulting from rapidly changing technology.

“Time-to-market is a critical factor to a product’s success in the marketplace,” said Mike Hall, Principal Engineer at National Instruments, a world leader in computer-based measurement and automation hardware and software for engineers and scientists. “Compuware’s DriverStudio tools have helped our development teams rapidly detect and debug errors in our device drivers, allowing us to deliver our products to market faster and on schedule.”

Using DriverStudio, developers can accelerate key phases of device driver development while increasing driver reliability and performance. Regardless of developer level of expertise, phase of development or existing tool preferences, DriverStudio makes device driver development easier and speeds time-to-market. This innovative suite includes the time-tested SoftICE, DriverWorks and VtoolsD tools. It also includes a DriverNetworks frameworks package and device driver tools based on the application-level technologies developed for BoundsChecker, TrueTime and TrueCoverage.

“Marginal device drivers have long been a problem that causes Windows operating systems to become unstable,” said Al Gillen, Research Director, System Software at IDC. “Having the capability to properly test and debug these drivers is critical for developers. Tools like Compuware’s DriverStudio can streamline the process of building a solid device driver, which in turn makes the process of achieving Windows certification faster and easier.”

DriverStudio 2.7 also introduces SoftICE support for Intel’s Hyper-Threading processors. SoftICE now displays the number of logical processors assigned to a physical processor on Hyper-Threading enabled platforms, improving developer productivity. In addition, BoundsChecker Driver Edition now has enhanced memory and resource tracking. The tool can now collect multiple memory and resource leaks with detailed information on each leak. Enhanced thread resource tracking has also been added to BoundsChecker allowing the user to monitor when a driver starts a thread without terminating it before the driver unloads.

“With driver developers facing increased workloads, shorter time-to-market and more demanding quality tests, they need reliable device driver development tools,” said Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for the Compuware DriverStudio and DevPartner product families. “With DriverStudio, developers can rapidly generate driver source code, as well as diagnose and resolve a full range of Windows device driver problems.”

DriverStudio 2.7 is currently shipping at a U.S. price of $2,499.

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