Integrated TI Technology Powers New Network Video Developers Kit

7/25/2002 - Further enabling the rapid development of next-generation digital media applications, Texas Instruments today announced a network video developers kit (NVDK) for the TMS320C6000TM digital signal processor (DSP) platform, the worldīs highest performance programmable DSPs. The new kit gives manufacturers of advanced video applications, such as video infrastructure and networked video appliances, the key hardware and software elements needed to accelerate their development time of leading-edge digital video solutions (

The NVDK brings together the benefits and capabilities of TIīs first-generation application developers kits for imaging and networking on a second-generation C64xTM DSP development platform. It is the only developers kit in the market that offers this level of integration efficiencies.

Video/Imaging Functions Speed Application Development
The high-performance video board has extensive processing resources and general-use interfaces and can be used stand-alone or in a PCI system. The 600 megahertz C6416 DSP is ideal for network video application development and executes key video functions such as:

Manufacturers can also take advantage of the C6416 DSPīs programmability to keep pace with evolving standards and algorithms and to help them reuse existing software in products. All C6000TM DSPs are code compatible, enabling easy migration to next generation devices through simple software upgrades, thus protecting valuable engineering.

Developed by TI third party, ATEME, the NVDK package includes an ATEME video evaluation board based on TI's TMS320C6416 DSP, a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet daughter card, an audio/video interface box and a power supply. It also comes with a CD-Rom with key software and documentation such as schematics, drivers, board-support library and application samples.

"We chose the TMS320C64xTM DSP architecture for our video system solutions because it enables us to create the most cost-effective hardware platform for multi-channel applications," commented Marc Guillaumet, marketing director, ATEME. "The raw performance and instruction set enhancements of C64x DSPs makes this the top choice for emerging video infrastructure applications."

Network Connection and eXpressDSPTM
Simplify the Design Process The NVDK board also features several networking interfaces that meet the growing need for connectivity. TIīs Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) stack runs on the C6000 DSP, enabling them to connect to networks without a network processor and associated software to provide an overall reduction in system cost. The TCP/IP stack software provides performance headroom, flexibility, easy integration and compliance with APIs.

In addition to the TCP/IP software, TI offers a complete suite of eXpressDSP software and development tools that includes Code Composer StudioTM v2.1 integrated development environment and the DSP/BIOSTM real-time kernel, a scalable software foundation for application interoperability and reuse to help designers get started. eXpressDSP packages several tightly knit ingredients that empower developers to tap the full potential of DSP.

Other video-specific software is available through TI's third party program. TI's extensive network support for video, media, still imaging and audio standards is available for JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG 4, H.263, H.26L, AC-3, AAC, MP-3 and more. Third party availability of these interoperable eXpressDSP-compliant applications allows OEMs to concentrate on code that differentiates their products.

Pricing and Availability The network video developers kit from ATEME is available today through TIīs e-store and distribution channels. The kit is available stand-alone for $4495 or bundled with TIīs Code Composer Studio and an XDS510PP Plus emulator for $5995.

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