Geodesic Systems Joins Project eLiza™ Partner Initiative; Member of IBM eServer Tools Network

7/25/2002 - On the heels of an eye-opening government study finding that buggy software costs the U.S. economy an estimated $59.5 billion yearly, Geodesic Systems announced that its Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions application fault tolerance software has joined the eServer Tools Network self-managing systems category of IBM's Project eLiza™ Partner initiative.

Project eLiza is part of IBM's autonomic computing strategy to address a looming crisis in the business world brought on by increasingly complex technology infrastructures. The autonomic computing strategy involves building servers, software and storage systems that can completely manage themselves in a heterogeneous e-business infrastructure.

"Self managing servers-which IBM defines as self-optimizing, self-configuring, self-healing and self-protecting-are the ultimate in new tools for users who need reliable, available systems," said Van Symons, IBM's global marketing executive, Project eLiza. "We are pleased to have Geodesic join the self-managing systems area of Project eLiza and look forward to the contributions the company can make in application availability."

Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions deliver fault tolerance for software, resulting in instant stability and performance benefits for mission critical enterprise applications. The solution meets head-on the problem of buggy software that plagues businesses today, resulting in costly downtime. According to a study authored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), of the nearly $60 billion yearly that buggy software costs the U.S. economy, about 64 percent of the cost is shouldered by end users. What's more, the cost to repair defects found in deployed software can be up to 30 times higher than when found during the development phase.

Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions integrate smoothly into deployed applications, providing the only self-healing solution in the industry for application software. The solution seamlessly detects and corrects software errors and inefficiencies that can lead to devastating system crashes and under-performing applications.

"By transparently making applications self-healing, Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions delivers on the vision of Project eLiza," said Michael Spertus, Geodesic's founder and chief technology officer. "What makes Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions especially exciting is that it makes it possible to bring self-healing to literally millions of existing applications."

Geodesic™ Runtime Solutions utilize user supplied configuration parameters to continually evaluate the runtime environment of a targeted application and takes appropriate action to improve performance or remediate errors, without operator intervention. The solution can be configured by the user to meet their needs for performance, resource utilization or increased robustness of applications, or can default to a balance of performance and reliability.

Companies currently using Geodesic solutions include a number of Fortune 1000 companies such as, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, and Novell.

About Geodesic Systems, Inc.
Geodesic Systems, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, offers application infrastructure solutions that automatically improve the performance and reliability of business-critical systems. Many FORTUNE 1000 companies and government agencies rely on Geodesic High Availability Runtime™ and GreatCircle® to help keep their business-critical systems running. Investors in Geodesic Systems include the Intel 64 Fund. For further information on Geodesic, its products, services and customers, visit the company's web site at

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