Texas Instruments Introduces Industry's Lowest-Distortion Gigahertz Op Amps

7/24/2002 - Driving high-performance analog to unprecedented levels, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today a new leading-edge series of high-speed operational amplifiers (op amps) that combine ultra low distortion with ultra low noise. Based on a voltage-feedback design, these low distortion op amps offer unity gain stability with 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) unity-gain bandwidth, along with 900V/us slew rate and a 2.8 nanovolts per root-hertz voltage noise density. The new series is the industry´s first to combine all of these features, enabling much higher performance in signal acquisition chains for wireless communications, test and measurement, medical imaging and other high-performance applications.

TI's new THS4271/5 op amp series leverages the company's second generation of complementary bipolar process technology to provide an unprecedented combination of speed and output signal quality. The unique design topology coupled with the BiCom II process enables the op amps to achieve the conflicting design goals of reducing both distortion and noise while increasing slew rate, providing higher resolution at both high and low frequencies. The THS4275 includes a power-down pin for the power conscious.

"The new THS4271/5 op amps show that TI is dedicated to developing high-performance analog products that drive the capabilities of its customers," said Paul Nossaman, strategic marketing manager for High-Speed Amplifiers. "Only TI can combine the advanced analog processes and designs to enable new leadership products that respond this well to customer needs."

Leading-Edge Distortion and Noise
With a 2-volt peak-to-peak output signal, the THS4271/5 offers the industry´s lowest distortion of -84 decibels below the carrier (dBc) at 30 megahertz (MHz). At the same time, the device provides an extremely low noise level of just 2.8 nanovolts per root-Hertz . To enhance performance characteristics, the THS4271/5 will be the first high speed op amps from TI to be available in a leadless miniature small outline package (MSOP). The leadless packaging technology enables the THS4271/5 to push the speed envelope through the minimization of parasitic inductance and capacitance typically associated with leaded packages.

This unique combination of features will enable unparalleled levels of wideband signal acquisition, yielding greater dynamic range and resolution for system designers. In wireless base stations, THS4271/5 family of op amps can drive high-speed 14-bit data converters, helping eliminate intermediate signal stages to reduce system costs. They can also be used in phase look loop (PLL) filter circuits. Filtering, gain stages and signal conditioning in automatic test equipment (ATE) and measurement instrumentation can benefit from the speed, low noise and low distortion of the devices. In mixed-signal tester equipment, for instance, the op amps will enable ATEs to match the operating speed of the next-generation integrated circuits that are being tested.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing
TI´s THS4271/5 op amp is sampling now, with volume production scheduled during September. All THS4271/5 devices will be available in a leadless MSOP and MSOP. Planned pricing per unit in quantities of 1,000 units is $2.69.

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