L-Bank opts for Business Critical Computing from Fujitsu Siemens Computers

7/24/2002 - Fujitsu Siemens Computers has won follow-up orders from Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg (L-Bank) in Karlsruhe. The orders are for the supply of a BS2000/OSD mainframe, ten Intel-based PRIMERGY servers and a number of Symmetrix storage system add-ons, as well as the engineering and customizing of this project. These new orders are worth in the region of several million euros.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers coordinated the integration of the Symmetrix systems from EMC and also acted as central project contact for Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom provided the network infrastructure, which includes the optical fiber links as well as the active components from Sorento.

L-Bank previously had a data center in Karlsruhe, comprising a number of independent system rooms. However, for security reasons it was decided that the systems installed here should be kept at separate locations. In order to minimize downtimes, real-time connections – via ESCON, Fibre Channel and LAN – between both locations have been set up. There is now one data center in Karlsruhe and one in Stuttgart, linked via a route of approximately 100 km. The new BS2000/OSD server S140-10C is located in the Karlsruhe data center.

A disaster recovery procedure for connecting these remote data centers was developed and tested using the Symmetrix systems. This SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) link allows full synchronous data backup between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.

The first step towards live operation with both mainframes was realized in July 2002.

L-Bank has been a customer of Fujitsu Siemens Computers for many years and uses the full range of Mobility and Business Critical Computing services provided by the leading European computer company. This includes, in addition to the new BS2000 mainframe, an approved BS2000 S130-K model, various Reliant UNIX-based RM systems (RM400 and RM600), the latest Solaris/Sparc-based PRIMEPOWER servers of types M200, M400 and M600, as well as a number of PRIMERGY servers. On the client side, L-Bank currently uses approximately 1,100 SCENIC PCs from Fujitsu Siemens Computers. The storage of Business Critical Computing data is done by sytems of the product family Symmetrix.

Dieter Weick, IT Director of L-Bank, explains why the bank chose Fujitsu Siemens Computers: "From a strategic point of view, being able to guarantee continuity of operation for our customers was extremely important, while from an IT point of view, the connections and data backup functions provided by the new solution have helped us reduce downtimes dramatically. Moreover, experience has taught us that only a provider with a complete product spectrum like Fujitsu Siemens Computers is capable of successfully handling such a complex project as ours."

In the next phase, operation of the existing PRIMEPOWER and PRIMERGY servers will also be transferred to the optical fiber link.

About L-Bank:
L-Bank is a financial institution under public law. It supports the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg in the performance of its duties and is not subject to normal competition rules. The primary goals of L-Bank are to encourage competition in the market, innovation, the creation of wealth for all sections of the population, social equality and an equal standard of living across all regions of Baden-Württemberg.

On behalf of the state, L-Bank provides finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, exports and housing. The bank promotes the setting up of new business enterprises and the taking over of existing businesses. It provides equity capital through its L-EA division. Subsidiaries of L-Bank help provide business premises and infrastructure in the form of technology parks. L-Bank also finances investment in agriculture and forestry as well as in environmental protection. The bank also provides assistance for families as well as for cultural and scientific projects.

In performing these duties, the bank complies with the state aid laws of the European Union. The bank is guided by commercial and economic principles. While making a profit may be important, it is not the top priority. The capital stock of L-Bank is worth 250 million euros, and belongs solely to the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The bank has total assets of more than 43 billion euros. The bank is incorporated in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Further information is available at www.l-bank.de

About Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Fujitsu Siemens Computers is the leading European computer company. Serving the needs of large corporations, small- to medium-sized enterprises and consumers the company operates in all key markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It offers a unique choice of world-class computer technology and innovative IT infrastructure solutions. Embedded in a global cooperation, Fujitsu Siemens Computers takes advantage of the strengths and the innovative power of its parent companies Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG.

“Powering the Information Age” is the company´s vision. Fujitsu Siemens Computers will enable people to freely access information and services anywhere and at any time with world-leading products, services and solutions, thus ensuring people´s success within a knowledge-based society. The strategic direction is focused on Mobility and Business Critical Computing as the key drivers of the Information Age in the 21st century.

The company offers everything for enterprise computing, ranging from best-in-class Intel- and Unix-based servers to mainframes and enterprise storage solutions. It is also one of the leading providers of mobile computing products, PCs and workstations to business customers, and is the No. 1 supplier of computers for home users in Europe. For further please visit:: www.fujitsu-siemens.com

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