7/23/2002 - MPI Software Technology, Inc., the leading provider of high-performance middleware products and related services, today announced the signing of a corporate wide license agreement for MPI/Pro® with Veritas DGC, Inc. (NYSE: VTS). Veritas DGC Inc., offers the oil and gas industry a comprehensive suite of integrated geophysical services designed to manage exploration risk and enhance drilling and production success worldwide. These services include seismic survey planning and design, seismic data acquisition in all environments, data processing, data visualization, data interpretation, reservoir characterization, data archiving, data management, and extensive non-exclusive seismic data library surveys worldwide.

MPI/Pro provides professional message passing for high-performance, parallel cluster computing, commonly called Beowulf Systems. MPI/Pro improves the performance of clusters running applications such as CFD simulation, weather modeling, financial modeling, image processing, seismic exploration, and protein folding. MPI/Pro is based on the Message Passing Interface standard, the de facto standard for parallel programming. This standard is widely used and accepted among academics and commercial businesses alike. MPI/Pro has been shown to increase performance between 10-50% over other parallel middleware software, on a number of real-world applications.

“The Corporate Wide License Agreement enables Veritas DGC to use MPI/Pro on its multi-thousand node clusters worldwide,” according to Neil Catling, V.P. Software Development at Veritas DGC, Inc. “Superior performance, robustness, and service led us to choose MPI/Pro over freeware.”

Dr. Anthony Skjellum, CTO of MPI Software notes, “We are pleased with Veritas’ Corporate-wide adoption of MPI/Pro. This validates the maturity of cluster computing in the industry, the value of MPI/Pro in production computing, as well as Veritas’ production cluster computing commitment.”

“With MPI/Pro, Veritas DGC and other seismic modeling firms achieve huge gains in performance and productivity enhancing their use of clusters to in turn enhance their bottom line,” offered Charley Jones, Jr., Marketing and Relations Manager for MPI Software Technology, Inc.

About MPI Software Technology, Inc.
MPI Software Technology, Inc. (MSTI) is the leading provider of high-performance middleware products and related services. Headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi, with offices in New England, Europe, and India, MSTI specializes in commercial grade solutions for enterprise parallel computing.

Our flagship product, MPI/Pro®, supports the MPI (Message Passing Interface) Standard for Windows®, Linux®, and Mercury RACE®. Cluster Controller® is an MPI job scheduler for Windows and Linux clusters. Our VSI/Pro® Core math library supports signal and image processing on VxWorks®, LynxOS®, Mac® OS, and Linux, and is Altivec® optimized for PPC/G4.

MSTI also offers professional consulting and training services for the performance of Beowulf systems. These services include comprehensive training on middleware standards, how to use our scalable products in your enterprise, and how to apply high performance computing refactoring to existing applications.

For more information on our products and services, please visit our web site at

About Veritas DGC
Veritas DGC Inc. provides seismic data acquisition, data processing, multi-client data sales, reservoir consulting and software, and exploration and development information services to the petroleum industry. With an extensive global library of non-exclusive seismic data, significant computing and processing power, strategically located visualization centers, and the world’s leading seismic data acquisition crews, Veritas delivers seismic information where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

The unique Veritas consulting services and Veritas RC2 software products help customers to integrate that information with geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering information to produce a quantitative reservoir description.

The Veritas R&D effort provides both internal and external input to new applications being developed that integrate all the geo-science disciplines to identify and fully understand reservoir heterogeneity.

The Company continues its focus on optimizing efficiencies and delivering superior information to its customers. With over 35 years of operating experience, Veritas is an industry leader in the application of advanced geophysical technologies.

For More Information Contact:
Charley W. Jones, Jr.
Marketing and Relations Manager
MPI Software Technology, Inc.
101 S. Lafayette Street Suite 33
Starkville, MS 39759
(662) 320-4300 ext. 33

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