Green Hills Introduces Industry's First Compiler For Motorola's PowerQUICC III Architecture

7/23/2002 - Green Hills Software, Inc. today announced the availability of its MULTI® Integrated Development Environment for Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) new MPC8560 PowerQUICC III, a high-performance communications processor integrating the company's e500™ PowerPC ISA Book E core. The new IDE features a fast and efficient MPC8560 optimizing C compiler, providing powerful editing, debugging, profiling, and project management capabilities that greatly simplify MPC8560 software development.

MULTI also includes an instruction set simulator that enables MPC8560 developers to develop and run their applications immediately, months ahead of silicon availability. Green Hills Software will demonstrate MULTI for PowerQUICC III running on an MPC8560 simulator at SNDF.

"The MPC8560's unique combination of computing performance and I/O throughout makes it an excellent communications processor for a wide range of networking applications," said John Carbone, vice president of marketing at Green Hills Software. "MULTI, together with our compilers and simulator, enables PowerQUICC III designers to hit the ground running before silicon is even available. The end result will be fast, efficient production code that takes advantage of MPC8560's high performance, versatile I/O and power savings features."

"The early availability of high-level development tools is crucial to enabling our customers to get to market fast," said Marc Cremer, director of global sales for Motorola's Networking and Computing Systems Group. "With Green Hills delivering powerful compiler and IDE support for our new PowerQUICC III architecture, developers will be able to evaluate the MPC8560 and start writing optimized code immediately-shaving months off the development cycle."

The MPC8560 is a high-performance communications processor based on the e500 PowerPC ISA Book E core. Fabricated in 0.13-micron CMOS, the MPC8560 is expected to be available in speeds of up to 1 GHz. The MPC8560 features 256 kbytes of L2 cache, a 64-bit, 133-MHz PCI-X controller, 4-channel DMA, a RapidIO port, and dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. The MPC8560 also features an on-chip non-blocking crossbar switch fabric known as OceaN™ (On-Chip Network). This unique combination of high-performance processing, versatile I/O, and high throughput makes the MPC8560 an ideal solution for a broad range of communications and networking applications.

MULTI's optimizing C and C++ compilers, which have taken top honors in recent EEMBC Telecom and Dhrystone performance benchmarks, produce fast and compact code for the MPC8560's e500 core. The compilers provide a number of key optimizations that take full advantage of the e500 core's advanced instruction set, pipeline, registers, SIMD data types, and SIMD intrinsics.

MULTI automates all aspects of MPC8560 software development. Optimized for the MPC8560's e500 core architecture, MULTI features a window-oriented editor, RTOS-aware, source-level debugger, graphical program builder, run-time error checker, version control system, instruction set simulator and performance profiler. MULTI also features a real-time RTOS EventAnalyzer™ and runs with the Green Hills Probe™.

The heart of the MULTI IDE is its source-level debugger, which supports system- and process-level incremental debugging, features a language-sensitive expression evaluator, and supports both mixed assembly and high-level language formats. The MULTI debugger also features a graphical memory viewer and specialized support for C++, including an object oriented class browser, namespace support, and C++ function navigation.

The MULTI debugger is fully RTOS aware, enabling designers working with popular RTOSes to debug, monitor and tune their applications at the task level. The MULTI debugger supports both Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS, which targets safety-critical applications, and Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS, which targets deeply embedded applications. Through MULTI, users can simultaneously debug multiple INTEGRITY or ThreadX processes across multiple address spaces, whether those processes reside on a single processor, or are distributed across multiple processors. They can also set process-specific and address-space-wide breakpoints, monitor/record I/O and interprocess communications, and perform execution profiling at the process, address space, or system level to precisely pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

MULTI's real-time event analyzer (EventAnalyzer) further enhances real-time visibility by enabling INTEGRITY and ThreadX users to log and monitor system and application events in real time without disrupting program execution. Operating like a high-level logic analyzer, the EventAnalyzer displays all RTOS context switches, API calls, and interrupts in a time-relative manner using intuitive ICONs.

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