Brooktrout and Aztek Engineering Collaborate to Simplify Development of Next Generation Local Loop Access Systems

7/23/2002 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New Network, today announced that it is collaborating with Aztek Engineering, an international provider of software and hardware for the telecommunications industry, to simplify the development of systems that provide local loop access to carrier Class 5 systems. Aztek's V5.2 and GR-303 protocol products have been integrated with Brooktrout's Netaccess® NS300™ network interface products, saving OEM developers the time and cost of integrating the enabling hardware and software elements and reducing their time to market by up to three months.

V5.2 (for E1 markets) and GR-303 (for T1 markets) are protocols that provide signaling and switching interfaces to a carrier's Class 5 switch from a digital loop carrier, usually known as the local exchange. The digital loop carrier provides local access services such as wireless local loop, voice over DSL, VoIP, or any other such "last mile" (also known as first mile) services. As the need for the less expensive last mile services increases, the market for V5.2 and GR-303 to connect these services to Class 5 switches will continue to grow. System developers can now buy a solution where Brooktrout and Aztek have completed the significant work of integrating these protocols with the network interface boards.

"By partnering with Brooktrout Technology, we can provide our joint customers with integrated solutions to reduce their time to deployment," said Mark Elder, president of Aztek Engineering. "Brooktrout has been an excellent technology partner and we look forward to building on the strong initial success in promoting each other's products."

Access303, Aztek's GR-303 RDT (Remote Digital Terminal) solution, is designed specifically for Access Network (AN) equipment. More than just an adaptation of standard protocols, Access303 provides a robust development environment to ensure rapid and reliable implementation of the EOC, TMC and LAPD protocols into a variety of AN systems. Access303's modularity, portability, and integrated tools speed time to market by making integration into your RDT fast, simple, and reliable.

Aztek's AV5 software suite is designed specifically to solve the unique problems of the V5 AN. Its modular design scales to meet requirements and protects systems from obsolescence - giving ANs the future-proof versatility demanded by today's dynamic, competitive market. Fully supporting the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) V5 2nd Edition standard, AV5 cuts time to market, reduces development risk, and lowers development costs.

"We partnered with Aztek because they are a leading developer of both V5.2 and GR-303 and have several years of expertise and real world experience," said Peter Vescuso, vice president of market development for the New Public Networks Group at Brooktrout Technology. "Aztek's experience coupled with Brooktrout's technology provides solutions that we believe our customers can deploy with strong confidence."

Brooktrout Technology's NS300 cPCI products contain an intelligent, field-proven on-board software stack and an HDLC packet engine that enable the most robust, feature-rich interfaces currently available. By providing a wide range of voice and data protocol support on a high-density carrier-grade board, the NS300 offers the service provider flexibility of architecture, allows for easy scalability, and presents possible solutions to pressing issues including cost reduction and network down time.

With the variety of protocol support available, the NS300 product line is uniquely capable in addressing the need of the rapidly emerging data over wireless or GPRS market. The new Base Station Systems (BSS), Serving GPRS Support Nodes (SGSN) and Gateway GPRS Support Nodes (GGSN) all use various combinations of Frame Relay (including Annex A support), X.25, MTP2 and UDP/IP. The NS300 has all of these functions on a single board, which reduces system complexity and cost. The NS300 also has a packet relay module, which provides a means to manipulate packets at the board level. Packet relay is a valuable tool for reducing system latency, complexity, and cost, and for tracking packet size for billing purposes.

About Aztek Engineering
Founded in 1982, Aztek Engineering is a privately held company that develops, markets, licenses and supports telecommunications products and provides custom hardware and software engineering services. As an independent development organization, Aztek is dedicated to providing software and hardware technologies for access networks. With global expertise in telecommunications, Aztek is a leading developer of both V5 and GR-303 open-interface software. For more information, call Aztek Engineering at (303) 786-9100 or visit the company's Web site at

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology ( delivers innovative hardware and software platforms that enable the development of New Network™ applications and systems in targeted market segments, including voice over packet gateways, enhanced services platforms, wireless infrastructure, unified communications, and contact centers. The company's strategy is to collaborate with its partners to help them increase existing business, expand into new markets and accelerate the delivery of new applications and services. Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT). For more information, visit

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