Applied Microsystems Announces PowerTAP PRO Toolset for PowerQUICC III MPC8560 - Motorola's Next Generation Integrated Communications Processor

7/23/2002 - Applied Microsystems Corp. (NASDAQ: APMC) today announced plans to provide the PowerTAP® PRO solution for systems that will be based on Motorola's next generation PowerQUICC™ III™ MPC8560 integrated communications processor. PowerTAP PRO, showing for the first time at Motorola's Smart Networks Developers Forum (SNDF), is an advanced PowerPC emulator/debugger toolset, which Applied announced a few days ago.

Applied, a long time member of Motorola's Smart Networks Alliance has a great wealth of experience in supporting Motorola's market leading family of PowerQUICC integrated communications processors. The new toolset will include Applied's next generation in-circuit-emulator (ICE), the industry's most robust C/C++ debugger - MWX-ICE™, and the System Browser™. Motorola SNDF attendees can try the new PowerTAP PRO and view how its System Browser features sees, documents, and manages an entire memory mapped system down to bit level detail and all in one easy-to-use interface.

"We are thrilled with Applied's commitment to deliver support of our new MPC8560 PowerQUICC III in their new PowerTAP PRO solution," explains Greg White, vice president and director of product operations for Motorola's Networking and Communications Systems Division. "PowerTAP PRO represents the next generation in emulation and system debugging and empowers the developer to take full advantage of the feature set that MPC8560 delivers. It's incredibly important to Motorola that our developer community can rely on tools like the new PowerTAP PRO to help expedite development, shorten time-to-market and cut costs involved in developing next generation systems."

"The new PowerTAP Pro emulator is designed to take advantage of the faster debug interface of the MPC8560. Combining this with our user-friendly System Browser interface, the user will experience a whole new level of convenience and speed" says Todd Greenwalt, general manager at Applied. "With over 40 percent of the average development time lost to system failures and errors, Applied's solutions become a crucial competitive advantage that every developer must have in their toolkit."

About PowerTAP PRO
The new PowerTAP PRO embodies a dramatic increase in emulation capability and debugging performance over any of its predecessors. Based on a completely new platform, PowerTAP PRO provides critical connections for both JTAG and DPI probes, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connections to the network, more memory, and comes with a new version of the C/C++ debugger, MWX-ICE, and broader processor support.

PowerTAP PRO provides control and visibility of cache (L1, L2, L3), ROM, RAM, and system peripherals. The solution includes special diagnostic testing and scripting features, comprehensive Flash and PowerPC compiler support.

Pricing & Availability
MPC8560 emulation and debugger support will be available following processor availability. PowerTAP PRO is scheduled to be available next month for all other currently supported PowerPC ISA-based microprocessors plus newly announced support for MPC7441, MPC7445, MPC7451, MPC7455, and PowerQUICC™ II MPC8266, MPC8265, MPC8264, and MPC8250. A special upgrade program is available to existing customers. For more information, contact

About Applied Microsystems
Applied Microsystems expedites the development, test and deployment of business- and safety-critical embedded systems. Applied is a leading provider of innovative technologies, such as application and low-level embedded software test, debug, and verification tools.

Using Applied's tools, engineers test, debug, and verify embedded software found in optical or wireless voice and data communications networks; airborne, medical, and automotive systems; industrial automation, console games, and consumer electronics. Applied's solutions deliver the visibility, reliability, and credibility required in today's complex business-critical embedded systems. Applied's most popular tools include NetROM®, PowerTAP®, CodeTAP®, SuperTAP®, and CodeTEST®.

The company can be reached at P.O. Box 97002, Redmond, WA 98073-9702; by phone at 800-426-3925; or by e-mail at Visit Applied on the Web at

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