Aonix Releases Announces the Newest Release of ObjectAda Intel/RAVEN™ 7.3 for Safety-Critical and Hard  Real-Time Development

7/23/2002 - Aonix, a leading provider of embedded software development environments, is pleased to announce the release of Intel/RAVEN™ 7.3, a development environment for hard real-time and safety-critical development.

Aonix is the leading supplier of certified (e.g., certifiable) run-time systems for the Ada 83 language and offers the only certified Ada 95 run-time system, certified to the highest certification levels, in the Raven product line. Raven meets the DO-178B Level-A required by the FAA for airborne systems. It also has mappings from this very strict safety-critical standard to others in high-speed rail, nuclear shutdown systems, etc. As other industries such as medical and automotive (to just name two) start to realize that their software systems can now effect human life, software safety is becoming a much more important issue.

Raven provides extremely fast and deterministic performance along with a small run-time-system footprint. The kernel is designed based on the industry standard Ravenscar profile. This standard was originally developed to support both safety-critical and hard real-time system requirements. Thus, Raven is a valuable tool set for both safety-critical and general hard real-time embedded application development.

“This release of Intel/Raven provides a very large set of enhancements over the previous version. The Intel/Raven product inherits partitioned memory support from its PowerPC cousin, a new IDE/GUI, SCCI CM support, and a more advanced code generator from the ObjectAda for Windows® product.” states Greg Gicca, Product Manager for ObjectAda.

From the PowerPC product Intel/Raven 7.3 inherits support for the APEX industry standard for a partitioned memory mapped Operating Systems. With this support, Intel/Raven can be ported on top of such an OS to then support multiple safety levels on a single board. This greatly expands the capabilities of Ada95 in safety-critical system development.

From the ObjectAda for Windows product, Raven inherits:

The latter provides direct access to the MS SCCI from the ObjectAda IDE/GUI. It allows users to make use of any CM system that conforms to this MS standard. The previous release of ObjectAda offered the capability to add integrations with any external tools via its Customize option. The new SCCI capability adds the following functions for any underlying CM system:

List Files KeepChecked Out
CommentSelect All / UnSelect All
Get Latest VersionCheck Out
Check InUndo Check Out
Add to Source ControlRemove from Source Control
Show HistoryShow Differences
Source Control PropertiesInvoke External Source Control

“With SCCI as the industry standard CM interface on Windows, Aonix can offer CM integration to almost any Windows-based CM system from ObjectAda Raven. This new feature provides both a powerful and versatile capability for all our Windows hosted products,” states Greg Gicca, Product Manager for ObjectAda.

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