ERNI announces evaluation kits for high-speed ERmet ZD connector system

7/22/2002 - ERNI has released two evaluation kits for the advanced differential pair connector system ERmet ZD, which was recently specified by PICMG as the high speed data transport connector for the next generation of telecom architecture Advanced TCA™ (PICMG 3.x).

The goal of the two evaluation kits, single line version (part no.163210) and multiline version (part no. 163211), is to measure the signal integrity behavior of this advanced connector system. Each evaluation kit contains the test boards and a CD Rom with the description of the measurement set up and relevant technical information.

The singleline version can be used to determine:

The multiline version (part no. 163211) is specially designed to determine the multiline crosstalk between up to 10 signal pairs and to measure a connector directly at its pins.

The boards are designed in a manner that allows full de-embedding of the parasitic influence of the transmission lines and the SMA connectors on the board. This ensures properly measured values of the connector system itself without any negative influence of the test fixture. Measurements can be performed with a Time Domain Reflectometer in the Time domain or a Vector Network Analyzer in the frequency domain.

The evaluation kits contain:

*Advanced TCA is a trademark of PICMG

ERNI Elektroapparate GmbH, a German member company of the international ERNI Holding Group, was established in1956. At Adelberg (near Göppingen) and in Chester, Virginia (USA), ERNI develops and produces a wide range of connectors for backplane and printed circuit board applications, which was even further expanded by the takeover of Maxconn. In the system technology sector, customer-specific printed circuit board systems and backplanes were developed, which are produced in backplane shops in Germany, France, and Korea. The business sector Limitor in Haubersbronn (near Schorndorf) develops and produces thermoswitches. The quality and reliability of the products are assured by a very high production depth and comprehensive technical testing. In the financial year 2000 ERNI achieved a turnover of more than DM 400 million with more than 850 employees. ERNI is globally active and has its own branches in all important industrial regions. The products are also sold via a network of representatives and leading distributors such as Arrow and RS. Further information is available at

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