Bustronic Unleashes Unique 6-slot and 8-slot PICMG 2.16-Compliant Backplanes

7/19/2002 - Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes, has announced two new backplanes compliant to the PICMG 2.16 specification. These latest additions to Bustronic's Compact Packet Switching Backplane (cPSB) line will come in 6-slot and 8-slot 6U sizes.

Bustronic and its parent company Elma Electronic, have been leaders in PICMG 2.16 backplane development. The new 6-slot and 8-slot backplanes have 1 fabric slot and 1 system slot each, with the rest of the slots as node slots with the CompactPCI bus. They offer one slot that is convertible to a system slot via a CPU Enable resistor pin, a feature that is unique in the industry. With the power studs and power blades dispersed throughout key locations in the backplanes, the overall widths are a true 6-slot and 8-slot size. (Many CompactPCI backplanes have power bugs on the side of the backplane, adding a slot size of width to the dimensions.) This allows the 6-slot to fit within a 3U horizontal chassis and the 8-slot to fit within a 4U horizontal chassis. Further, the use of M4 power studs gives the backplane modularity, allowing power interface boards in various configurations to be mounted to the backplane. Bustronic offers design services for various other configurations of PICMG 2.16.

The performance of CompactPCI is vastly improved with the new cPSB protocol. It provides the ideal solution for third-generation wireless, Internet protocol, voice over IP (VoIP), and other applications. CPSB increases system performance by moving data traffic off the shared bus, and onto an embedded switched Ethernet network fabric (10/100/1000 Mbit/s), accessed via the J3 connector.

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