Applied Microsystems Announces PowerTAP PRO

7/19/2002 - Applied Microsystems Corp. (NASDAQ: APMC) announced today its next generation PowerPC™ emulator, PowerTAP® PRO. The new PowerTAP PRO represents a dramatic increase in crash proof in-circuit emulation and debugging performance and delivers much broader processor support that its predecessors. New processor support includes: Motorola's PowerPC ISA-based MPC7451, MPC7441, MPC7455, MPC7445, MPC7441, and PowerQUICC™ II™ MPC8266, MPC8265, MPC8264, and MPC8250 and IBM's PowerPC 750FX and 405GPr.

PowerTAP PRO is a next generation low-cost emulator based on a completely new platform that delivers robust connections for both JTAG and DPI probes. "It's got 10/100Base Ethernet connections to the network, more memory, faster speeds, a new version of the C/C++ MWX-ICE™ debugger, System Browser™ technology and a host of other new features to make it the best PowerPC emulator in the marketplace today," noted Todd Greenwalt, general manager at Applied Microsystems. "We are delighted to see PowerTAP PRO debut at next week's Smart Networks Developers Forum," stated Greg White, vice president and director of product operations for Motorola's Networking and Communications Systems Division. "PowerTAP PRO is on the cutting-edge of in-target control embedded systems tools for the development community. Developers rely on companies like Applied Microsystems to innovate and deliver solutions that save time, hassle and cost so our customers can deliver high performance networking and communications systems competitively to the marketplace."

PowerTAP PRO builds on all the features and support previously offered in PowerTAP II including Applied's unique System Browser™ technology that allows the user to see, document and manage the entire system memory map down to bit-level detail in one easy-to-use interface. Applied has reengineered how PowerTAP actually retrieves, translates, reads and writes registers so that the user experiences unprecedented speed during system configuration and integration.

PowerTAP PRO also comes with diagnostic testing and scripting, Ethernet connectivity and speed. Speed is a key feature highlight of PowerTAP PRO producing JTAG download-speeds over three times faster than other products. PowerTAP PRO represents a significant performance upgrade from PowerTAP II. For example, PowerTAP PRO's JTAG clock-speed runs at 64MHz compared with PowerTAP II's 16MHz clock-speed.

Pricing and Availability
PowerTAP PRO is scheduled to be available next month. The PowerTAP Pro packaged system includes: One JTAG emulator including one variant CD of all currently supported CPUs, MWX-ICE debugger or CodeWarrior debugger, cables, Ethernet communications interface, and user's manuals. A special upgrade program is being offered to current Applied customers. Those seeking to convert from other emulators qualify for special conversion pricing. For more information, email

About Applied Microsystems
Applied Microsystems expedites the development, test and deployment of business- and safety-critical embedded systems. Applied is a leading provider of innovative technologies, such as application and low-level embedded software test, debug, and verification tools.

Using Applied's tools, engineers test, debug, and verify embedded software found in optical or wireless voice and data communications networks; airborne, medical, and automotive systems; industrial automation, console games, and consumer electronics. Applied's solutions deliver the visibility, reliability, and credibility required in today's complex business-critical embedded systems. Applied's most popular tools include NetROM®, PowerTAP®, CodeTAP®, SuperTAP®, and CodeTEST®.

The company can be reached at P.O. Box 97002, Redmond, WA 98073-9702; by phone at 800-426-3925; or by e-mail at Visit Applied on the Web at

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