Agilent Technologies debuts new graphics-based software solution to simplify parametric data management, extraction and analysis

7/18/2002 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the Agilent E3340A, an integrated data management, extraction and analysis solution tailored to the specific needs of parametric test applications in semiconductor process, development and integration environments.

The Agilent E3340A streamlines large quantities of exploratory test data into a concise set of visual records that can be analyzed, manipulated and re-used to reduce parametric testing time. The E3340A works in tandem with the Agilent 4070 Series parametric test system and semiconductor process evaluation core software (SPECS) 3.0 to comprise a complete parametric test and data management solution.

"The E3340A is the first commercially available data management and analysis tool purpose-built for the parametric test environment," said Minoru Ebihara, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Hachioji Semiconductor Test Division, Agilent Technologies. "Unlike proprietary database systems, Agilent's solution automatically processes large volumes of test data into meaningful charts and graphs, enabling easy analysis of exploratory, trial-and-error-type data."

The software solution consists of two parts, the parametric information management engine (PME) and the visual parametric analyzer (VPA). The server-based PME performs a database server function, processing the wealth of data compiled by the SPECS test shell into a format accessible by the VPA. The VPA, located either on the same server or a client PC, then allows the user to mine the PME to create graphic representations of the data by way of an intuitive GUI.

The E3340A allows users to easily manipulate and analyze vector data (such as current versus voltage plots), as well as scalar data, tasks that cannot be accomplished using conventional database tools. The solution also provides a simple feature to save and load frequently used analysis routines, enabling users to repeat routine analysis procedures quickly while maintaining the ability to create new analysis procedures on-the-fly.

SPECS 3.0 Provides Test Organizer Interface
SPECS 3.0 unlocks the capabilities of the E3340A and other significant performance enhancements, including a GUI tool for efficient test recipe management, and new adaptive test capabilities. Adaptive test capabilities enable the high-throughput Agilent 4070 test system to automatically slow down and trace irregular parametric measurements as they're identified.

U.S. Pricing and Availability
The Agilent E3340A is priced starting at $50,000. SPECS 3.0 is priced starting at $30,000. Both products are available for order now, and are expected to begin shipping within the first three months of 2003.

About Agilent Technologies
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