RadiSys Becomes First SIGTRAN-Standard Gateway to Achieve NEBS Level 3 Certification

7/17/2002 - RadiSys Corp. today became the first company to achieve NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) Level 3 certification for a Sigtran-standard SS7/IP gateway. RadiSys achieved NEBS certification on its Savvi SS7/IP gateway - a single hardware configuration that acts as the foundation for its Savvi ST Tunneling Gateway, Savvi SX Signaling Extender and Savvi SG Signaling Gateway.

The reliability of the public telephony system is considered a national security issue. Now, more than ever, carriers are looking to telecom equipment manufacturers to deliver NEBS- compliance to ensure reliability and availability under even the harshest environmental conditions.

"As carriers evolve their SS7 signaling networks to Sigtran IP technology, they need to ensure that their new IP signaling infrastructure is tested and certified against stringent NEBS-3 specifications," states Seamus Gilchrist, vice president for RadiSys. "This certification establishes RadiSys SS7/IP gateways as the first Sigtran-standards NEBS-3 gateways in the industry."

NEBS Level 3 certification is defined by a trio of Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) documents (SR-3580, GR-1089, and GR-63) that describes extensive physical performance criteria for Telco equipment. Products are tested for performance in EMC, ESD, surge protection, flammability, seismic, shock resistance, heat dissipation, and several other areas that ensure continued operation under extreme operating conditions. The Savvi gateway hardware was certified for both AC (110/230V auto-sensing) and DC (-48V) configurations.

This certification is another first for RadiSys signaling solutions, which include the first standards-compliant SCTP gateway (Savvi ST Tunneling Gateway), the first Sigtran SS7/IP Tunneling product (Savvi ST), the first M2UA/SCTP gateway (Savvi SX Signaling Extender), the first M2PA/SCTP gateway without a point code (Savvi SX), and the first M3UA/SCTP gateway with integrated M2UA(ASP) and M2PA (Savvi SG Signaling Gateway).

Savvi SS7 gateways combine Sigtran-standard technology (M2UA, M2PA, M3UA, SCTP) for high reliability and redundancy with full SS7 standards conformance (ITU-T, ANSI; future China SS7) in a 1U (1.75") high, 19" rack-mount chassis.

Sigtran is an abbreviation for the Signaling Transport Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) chartered with developing standards for transporting SS7 telephony signaling over IP. The Sigtran protocol suite includes Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP, IETF RFC 2960), SS7 MTP2-User Adaptation Layer (M2UA), SS7 MTP2-User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer (M2PA), and MTP3-User Adaptation Layer (M3UA), among others.

About Savvi SS7/IP Gateways
Savvi SS7/IP gateways are a fully-integrated SS7/IP gateways that transport SS7 messages over IP using Sigtran-compliant technologies, including SCTP coupled with M2PA, M2UA and M3UA. Savvi gateways are built upon a telco-grade, CompactPCI 1U (1.75" high) 19" rack mount chassis, and support either AC or DC power and up to eight T1/E1 interfaces. The gateways support numerous SS7 variants including ANSI and ITU-T, and include an integrated "Drop & Insert" grooming facility on all links. They are UL Listed and NEBS Level 3 certified for application in telecommunications central office environments.

Savvi gateways can be configured and provisioned through a serial/console port or Telnet via a command line interface, or through an embedded Java/Web GUI. They also support SNMP v2 for Traps and statistics.

About RadiSys RadiSys (Nasdaq: RSYS) designs and manufactures building blocks, platforms and applications subsystems for next-generation communications equipment. As the leading independent provider to OEMs, RadiSys delivers a time-to-market advantage in a tight "virtual division" relationship with its customers. The span of products ranges from board-level components such as processors, network interfaces, and packet processing engines, to communications middleware software such as signaling and networking protocol stacks, to platforms based on PCI, CompactPCI, and switch-fabrics, to services such as NEBS certification and software and microcode professional services, all the way up to private-label gateway systems. RadiSys' highly differentiated position in the market is a result of its intense focus on Intel-based technology, having the broadest array of building blocks, and a "perfect fit" product development strategy using intellectual property to design customer subsystems.

RadiSys is a registered trademark of RadiSys Corporation. All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

For more information, contact RadiSys at info@radisys.com or http://www.radisys.com or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100. For press information only: Lyn Pangares, RadiSys Corporation, 503-615-1220.

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