M-Systems to Develop DiskOnChip-based Memory Subsystems in a Multi-Chip Package (MCP)

7/17/2002 - M-Systems (Nasdaq: FLSH) today announced the development of DiskOnChip-based Multi-Chip Package (MCP) products, which contain all the required memory components for handset devices packed into one miniature Ball Grid Array (BGA) package.

DiskOnChip-based MCP will provide stacked dies of non-volatile memory (NVM) and volatile memory components, including M-Systems' Mobile DiskOnChip, NOR Flash, SRAM, and SDRAM or PSRAM. DiskOnChip-based MCP enables major handset OEMs to benefit from DiskOnChip's high capacity and performance, while maintaining their current legacy designs and conserving valuable board space. It also offers an easy migration path to low cost architecture. The specific memory combination will be assembled based on the customer requirements.

As the form factor of 2.5G and 3G smart phones reduces, memory requirements are dramatically increasing to support GUI operating systems including Windows CE, Symbian, Nucleus and Rex OS. This sends many designers in search of solutions to reduce their component count and save board real estate. DiskOnChip-based MCP packs all the memory components onboard a typical handset into one minimal BGA package, with up to four stacked dies. Moreover, DiskOnChip's high capacity and superior performance enable new revenue-generating applications such as still picture and video services, multimedia messaging services (MMS), gaming, personal information management (PIM), fast synchronization capabilities and more.

"We are committed to deliver optimized data storage solutions to our leading mobile handset OEMs," said Efrat Ramati, associate vice president Mobile DiskOnChip. "Packing DiskOnChip along with other necessary memory components into a single MCP provides a substantial saving of valuable PCB space together with increased capacity and functionality, all critical to the success of high-end smart phones."

DiskOnChip boot capability enables M-Systems to offer an MCP device with as few as two stacked dies, including Mobile DiskOnChip and an SDRAM/PSRAM. In such an architecture, DiskOnChip is used as the only NVM device onboard, serving as the system boot device and as a data and code storage media, thus reducing both cost and power consumption.

DiskOnChip's embedded security-enabling features include configurable read/write hardware protection for up to two partitions, a One-Time Programmable (OTP) area and a Unique Identification (UID) number. These features provide OEMs with the ability to protect their OS and prevent the installation of unauthorized software. Users can also store sensitive information in the read/write-protected partitions.

"As mobile solutions become more advanced and compact in size and price competitive and diminutive in size, it is imperative that technology meets the challenge of this demanding market," said Tony Massimini, chief of technology, Semico Research. "M-Systems meets the challenge with a multi-chip package design in a minute form-factor that is ideal for today's mobile products. This design offers OEMs the enhanced functionality and flexibility that is desired by today's mobile user."

About M-Systems
M-Systems (Nasdaq: FLSH) is a leader and innovator of flash-based data storage products known as flash disks. M-Systems' flash disks provide the functionality of a mechanical hard drive in a silicon chip. M-Systems' products are based on its patented TrueFFS® technology and target applications in a vast array of markets, including connected devices, mobile and telecom. M-Systems' products include the DiskOnChip®, DiskOnKey™ and Fast Flash Disk (FFD) product families. For more information, please contact M-Systems at www.m-sys.com

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