Stonestreet One and Mindready Solutions to Offer First Gateway Between Bluetooth™ and 1394/FireWire

7/15/2002 - Stonestreet One, Inc. and Mindready Solutions Inc. (TSE:MNY) announced today that they will offer a gateway between the Bluetooth wireless connectivity standard and 1394/FireWire databus technologies for use in car infotainment applications. The gateway will provide the automotive industry with the first fully integrated telematics solution to be deployed in electronically equipped vehicles that capitalizes on the hands-free capabilities of Bluetooth technology and the high data-transfer speed and "hot plug-and-play" capabilities of 1394/FireWire.

Stonestreet One is a leading provider of Bluetooth technology engineering services and software, including Bluetopia, an upper layer Bluetooth protocol stack. Mindready designs and develops 1394/FireWire hardware and software solutions for the aerospace, telecommunications and automotive industry and has a complete product line based on the 1394/FireWire protocol, including boards, stacks and protocols. Both companies are strongly involved in the IDB Forum, an automotive industry consortium dedicated to telematics and defining the IDB-1394 protocol, the automotive grade version of 1394/FireWire.

"We are excited about this opportunity to work with Mindready," said Tim Reilly, Chief Technology Officer for Stonestreet One. "Together, we will be able to offer the telematics and automotive industries a 'best-in-class' solution featuring Stonestreet One's reliable, robust Bluetopia protocol stack and Bluetooth embedded applications and Mindready's powerful and innovative 1394/Firewire solutions. Mindready and Stonestreet One have heard from our customers that the Bluetooth to 1394 gateway is a requirement for the upcoming model years. We are taking steps now to make it a reality."

"Mindready is very happy to join forces with Stonestreet One in the development of an integrated telematics solution," said Vincent Guyaux, Vice President and General Manager of the Real-Time Solutions Division, at Mindready Solutions. "By combining Stonestreet One's proven expertise in developing Bluetooth embedded applications to our mastering of high-speed communications 1394-based hardware and software products, we are able to offer our common customers, especially those in the telematics industry, superior innovative solutions. This partnership is an extra step we are taking to meet the increasing needs of our clients in terms of speed, reliability, compatibility and performance in an era where all major cars designers and manufacturers are integrating more and more multimedia and telematics applications in their vehicles."

About Stonestreet One
Stonestreet One designs, develops, and integrates short-distance wireless and embedded technology solutions for a diverse group of customers including leading companies in the automotive, mobile communications, food service equipment, biomedical devices and material handling systems industries. Stonestreet One, an Associate Member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, specializes in Bluetooth technology, offering engineering services, hardware, and software for developers and end users. For more information about Stonestreet One please visit

About Mindready Solutions Inc.
Mindready (TSE:MNY) is a leading supplier of test engineering, manufacturing automation and real-time communications solutions for the telecommunications, automotive and aerospace industries. Mindready offers a comprehensive range of industrial test solutions from x-ray, in-circuit, functional and environmental testing to design, development and integration of complete test stations. Recognized as a leader in IEEE-1394-based products and professional services, Mindready offers complete innovative solutions based on this technology. Mindready's clients include Nortel Networks, Sanmina-SCI, C-MAC, Visteon, Alcatel, Hewlett-Packard, WindRiver, Boeing, and Fujitsu. More information about Mindready and its products and services can be found at

Stonestreet One Contact:
Deacon Johnson
Stonestreet One, Inc.
322 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Mindready Contact:
Souad Gara
Mindready Solutions Inc.
2800 Marie-Curie Avenue
Saint-Laurent, Quebec
514-339-1394 ext. 2016

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