Solaris 9 Availability on Gigabit Ethernet for PCI, PMC, CPCI and VME solutions

7/15/2002 - RAMiX’s portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet solutions is unique. The range spans from Single Fiber or Copper 1000Mbits / card through Dual, Triple or Quad connectivity options. With a selection of Intelligent cards with on-board RISC processors, no other vendor can match RAMiX’s capabilities for Gigabit Ethernet solutions. The product portfolio also supports a variety of Ethenet MACs to ensure the very best solution for the applications’ requirements.

The RM674 PCI edge cards from RAMiX are designed to offer maximum 10/100/1000Mbit connectivity at 64bit/66Mhz with four Ethernet ports on a single PCI card. The family supports two variants offering either Copper or Fiber ports, with connectors for LC, VF-45 or MT-RJ each with SX or LX options. This family of products also provides the MDIX feature allowing detection for the cross and non-cross cables for automatic correction. This crossover feature creates a full duplex 1000Mbit dedicated data path (for each port) - delivering high bandwidth at very low cost.

For PMC requirements, the products range from, in their simplest format, Single Fiber or Copper connectivity to RAMiX’s unique PMC673 – offering three ports of 1000Mbit Ethernet on a single PCI Mezzanine Card format. The PMC673 Fiber option family has three flavors of I/O connectivity: LC, VF-45 or MT-RJ - all available with SX or LX option. A mix of SX and LX options is also possible in any combination for a variety of applications. The PMC673TX provides for solutions looking for Copper connectivity. Again, these products offer automatic MDI/MDIX switch over capability.

“The upgrade to Solaris 9 completes RAMiX’s wide variety of software drivers available for our range of Gigabit Ethernet solutions. The introduction of this new version with its enhancements for IPv6 is exciting news for our customer base,” explained Kim Barnhill, Sales and Strategic Marketing, “Our UNIX support is an important part of our general software strategy which includes all the major Real-Time Operating Systems."

Solaris is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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