Seakr Engineering and Xilinx Collaborate to Develop New Radiation Tolerant Solution for Space-based Applications

7/10/2002 - Xilinx, Inc., (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced that SEAKR Engineering, a leading supplier of spacecraft solid state memory systems, selected Xilinx® Virtex radiation tolerant FPGAs to enable the introduction of a radiation tolerant Reconfigurable Computing Board (RCC) for space-based applications. The SEAKR RCC employs four one million gate Virtex™ FPGAs for implementing user-defined processing functions. Applications for the RCC include hyperspectral image processing, satellite clusters employing space-based radar, and DSP functions requiring high throughput.

"The RCC product enables a new level of flexibility and performance for designers of space systems," said Paul Murray, program manager at SEAKR. "Multiple processing-specific algorithms can be stored on-board, then selected for the desired application and loaded on the fly. This is only possible because of the reprogrammable nature and superior performance of Xilinx Virtex FPGAs."

"The use of Xilinx reconfigurable FPGAs brings many benefits to space systems, as evidenced by SEAKR's innovative application, and this is a further demonstration of the growing use of Xilinx FPGAs in space," said Howard Bogrow, marketing manager for Aerospace and Defense products at Xilinx. "Virtex series FPGAs provide a clear advantage over traditional ASICs by providing a flexible design platform, allowing for a substantial reduction in design time and significantly less risk."

About the SEAKR RCC
The SEAKR RCC offers an external PCI bus interface which allows quick integration in a compact PCI system. An on-board PMC slot allows flexible memory or I/O expansion using custom or COTS components. With a Total Ionizing Dose tolerance of 100K Rads (Si) and its Single Event Upset (SEU) fault tolerant capabilities, the RCC presents numerous benefits for space applications. For more information on the SEAKR RCC contact Paul Murray at SEAKR Engineering (

About Xilinx Virtex Series FPGAs
The Virtex Series FPGA family delivers the highest performance and highest density of any programmable logic solution available. The innovative Virtex-II IP-Immersion architecture enables integration of both hard and soft intellectual property (IP), enhanced system memory, and lightning-fast DSP performance, providing the best platform for advanced digital designs in the industry. With densities ranging from 40,000 to 8 million-system gates, Virtex series solutions are empowered by advanced design tools that reduce development time through fast design, powerful synthesis, smart implementation algorithms, and efficient verification capabilities.

About SEAKR Engineering
Founded in 1982, SEAKR Engineering, Incorporated, is primarily engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of advanced technology solid-state data processing and mass storage systems for aerospace, military and rugged applications. SEAKR has a reputation for high-level performance and reliability in severe environments, and is the leading provider of space-based solid-state data recording and processing systems. SEAKR has designed and built over 80 memory/processing systems. 39 have launched and all have performed flawlessly, with Bit Error Rates of zero, on flights ranging from low earth orbit to interplanetary missions. SEAKR has been credited with pioneering the Spacecraft Solid State Memory (SSSM) market by building small 100 Mbit systems, and has evolved its designs to current deliverable capacities well over a terabit.

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) is the worldwide leader in programmable logic solutions. Additional information about Xilinx is available at

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