Xilinx and Paxonet Communications Announce Industry's First Programmable G.709-Bsed Optical Transport Network (OTN) Solutions

7/10/2002 - Xilinx, Inc., (XLNX) and Paxonet Communications, a Xilinx® AllianceCORE™ partner and a leading telecommunications IP provider, today announced the immediate availability of the industry's first programmable G.709-based Optical Transport Network (OTN) cores, optimized for Xilinx Virtex-II Platform FPGAs. The offering includes three new IP cores that provide complete support of OTN technology including a G.709-compliant Forward Error Correction (FEC) codec, and two Digital Wrapper/OTN Framers that support STS48/2.5G and STS192/10G data rates. Target applications at the metropolitan edges of the network include multi-service routers and switches, access concentrators, and T1/E1 aggregation equipment.

The new cores are compliant with ITU-T G.709 standards and are available for use in Xilinx Virtex-II devices. This combination offers the industry's first non-ASIC solution for supporting full 2.5Gb/s and 10Gb/s SONET/SDH speeds on programmable logic devices.

"The multi-gigabit serial I/O capability of Xilinx Virtex-II Pro devices makes them an ideal implementation technology for our 10 Gigabit IP Cores," said Kevin Wayne Williams, vice president of Marketing at Paxonet. "With the OTN market evolving, these metro equipment vendors require flexible, customizable solutions."

"Paxonet's ability to demonstrate a complete G.709 compliant STS-48/192 FEC and OTN/Digital Wrapper Framing solution on FPGAs answers the market's need for flexible and customizable solutions for the emerging OTN market," said Robert Bielby, senior director of Strategic Solutions Marketing at Xilinx. "We expect this solution to further our penetration into leading-edge MAN applications."

OTN systems increase the efficiency of fiber networks by combining Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) with out-of-band FEC and framing technologies that enable the ability to manage each of multiple wavelengths, reduce errors, and increase support of multiple protocols including SONET, SDH, 1- and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel.

The OTN Kit, consisting of the G.709 compliant FEC encode/decoder, OTN Framer for STS192/10G, and OTN Framer for STS48/2.5G, readily available now. For more information, visit the Xilinx IP Center at www.xilinx.com/ipcenter or www.paxonet.com. These products are available directly from Paxonet Communications under the terms of the SignOnce IP License, the industry's first multi-vendor common license for FPGA-based IP (www.xilinx.com/ipcenter/signonce.htm). The new solutions will be showcased in the Paxonet booth at the Metro-Optical Networking Forum on July 25, 2002 in Santa Clara, Calif.

About the Metro-Optical Networking Forum
On July 25, 2002 in Santa Clara, Calif., Xilinx, along with other industry leaders, will host a free one-day event to address the challenges of designing and developing products for the metro area and edge access networks. Attendees will hear from industry leaders and visionaries on where this dynamic market is headed and the technologies driving success in the MAN space. Complete location and agenda information can be found at www.xilinx.com/metro

About Paxonet
Paxonet Communications, Inc., designs, develops and markets silicon solutions for interworking metro networking technologies to SONET. Paxonet Communications offers the MetroConnect line of integrated circuits and the CoreEl line of specialized IP cores focused on the metro market. By offering a full range of interoperable ICs and IP cores, Paxonet enables customers to offer highly differentiated, low cost solutions with a quicker time to market. The company is privately held and employs 115 people. For more information about Paxonet Communications and its line of products, visit http://www.Paxonet.com

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions. Additional information about Xilinx can be found at http://www.xilinx.com

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