Compuware to Support DaimlerChrysler’s Business-to-Consumer Web Sites

7/10/2002 - Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWR) today announced that it has been selected as the Production Support and Testing Partner for DaimlerChrysler Corporation’s business-to-consumer (B2C) Web sites in North America.

Compuware professional services will provide production support for 26 key components of various consumer Web sites that DaimlerChrysler features in North America. Some of the Web sites being serviced include the company’s Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge brand sites, the Mopar and Fleet operations sites and the DaimlerChrysler Services Web site, which is the company’s financial services group.

The production support that Compuware is providing includes application code, fixes, enhancements, version control, promotion-to-production and testing of the sites and applications, as well as supporting any new applications being implemented.

“We are very pleased to become the production support and testing partner for DaimlerChrysler,” said Tommi White, Chief Operating Officer, Compuware Corporation. “Compuware has been building its relationship with DaimlerChrysler for quite some time. This partnership strengthens that relationship, expanding our scope of work as we help them reduce costs, while improving the quality of their Internet initiatives. We know how vital application support and maintenance are to an organization’s Web efforts, and we look forward to providing DaimlerChrysler with the skills, technologies and solid business processes they need to support and maintain their consumer sites.”

For DaimlerChrysler, the B2C application support from Compuware is the latest component in its implementation of a multi-vendor strategy. Compuware will maintain existing and future applications with twenty-four hour/seven-day-a-week support staff, as well as make any necessary enhancements to support the applications. By creating a dedicated application support team, DaimlerChrysler has diversified the number of development partners that could provide application development services to its internal B2C stakeholders. This strategy will give vendors the ability to focus on their core competency, increase the efficiency of B2C operations and reduce overall cost.

“We sought a partner who was aligned with our business focus and had a track record of managing and supporting mission-critical business applications,” said Sue Unger, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, DaimlerChrysler AG. “Compuware’s expertise in the application development arena will allow us to focus more on our core business, while lowering costs and improving the efficiency of our Internet business.”

According to Bill Martorelli, Vice President for Enterprise Services at Hurwitz Group, the desire to reduce costs and focus on key, value-adding IT initiatives has led to a resurgence in applications outsourcing relationships, involving a variety of types of service providers including traditional IT outsourcers, XSPs and offshore consulting companies. Moreover, such relationships are no longer limited to legacy systems, but include a range of application types, such as enterprise applications and Web-based applications. The desire to consolidate a number of diverse sets of Web-based applications and services from an operational standpoint is often a motivating factor, driving these types of relationships.

“Compuware is one company specifically targeting outsourcing opportunities in the eBusiness management segment,” said Martorelli. “Compuware is quietly emerging as a significant player in the applications outsourcing business. This partnership with DaimlerChrysler demonstrates their continuing commitment to the growth of their application outsourcing business.”

Because DaimlerChrysler’s volume on its consumer Web sites is in the millions monthly, the need for quality maintenance and support is an imperative. Across DaimlerChrysler’s sites in the U.S., the company tracked approximately 7.5 million enterprise visits for the month of April 2002. Four million of those visitors went to the, and brand sites. On the “Get a Quote” function of the site alone, which is maintained by Compuware, almost 42,000 requests were submitted from customers in April for price quotes from a dealer.

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