1st Real-Time MPEG-4 over Bluetooth Solution demonstrated by sci-worx and NewLogic

7/8/2002 - sci-worx, one of the world's leading providers of IP and system solutions for the mobile application market and NewLogic, a leading supplier of wireless intellectual property (IP) cores and design services, demonstrate live MPEG-4 video streaming over Bluetooth.

The jointly developed demonstrator showcases sci-worx' real-time MPEG-4 video encoding and decoding solution sciSTREAM utilizing NewLogic's BOOST Bluetooth IP for the wireless transmission of the MPEG-4 encoded video data stream between the encoder and the decoder unit. The streaming solution is capable to transfer QCIF (176 x 144 pixel) video data at 15 frames/second in real-time with outstanding image quality.

The intellectual property (IP) core technology, offered by both companies, allows system designers to easily integrate multimedia capabilities with wireless transmission functionalities. This allows the design of wireless cameras that can be connected to PCs and mobile terminals as well as of next generation CCTV solutions. Utilizing pre-developed hardware and software IP cores plus leading edge application and embedded operating system know-how, this system solution-oriented design approach addresses the needs imposed by today's embedded system design challenges and time-to-market requirements.

sci-worx' sciSTREAM
Equipped with a hardware/software codesign approach as well as a scalable system partitioning between software and hardware accelerators, sciSTREAM provides a data processing performance of QCIF (176 x 144 pixel) at 15 frames/second in real-time addressing the needs of today's video-on-demand, video chat and video conferencing applications.

sciSTREAM has been designed and optimized to meet the key requirements of the mobile application market: low power consumption, processor performance and image quality. With its optimized processing performance requirements and a compact gate count it is excellently targeting the mobile communication market.

NewLogic's BOOST
NewLogic's BOOST IP family includes a Bluetooth baseband processor, a full Bluetooth software protocol stack and a Bluetooth CMOS radio. These IP elements, when combined with a suitable microcontroller core, permit the implementation of a single chip Bluetooth solution using industry standard CMOS process technologies.

About sci-worx
sci-worx - Europe's leading Intellectual Property and System Solution Provider for Multimedia, Networking, Telecommunications and Security. sci-worx is a leading microelectronics technology licensing and design company with a library of over 65 soft cores. sci-worx DesignObjects‘ (synthesizable ASIC cores) come to the market as off-the-shelf solutions, thus reducing time-to-market and risk for new IC products and applications. Also, the sci-worx core verification program ensures high quality and performance of all DesignObjects‘. sci-worx complements its DesignObjects‘ with a comprehensive suite of design services including system integration and software development, as well as system and IP validation. All this is based on mature application know-how and numerous years of design experience. To learn more, visit www.sci-worx.com

About Newlogic
NewLogic Technologies, headquartered in Lustenau, Austria, is a world leading supplier of Bluetooth and 802.11 Wireless LAN intellectual property cores as well as IC design services. In addition, NewLogic offers IP integration services to help its customers achieve their aggressive time to market goals.For more information about NewLogic's Products and Services, please visit www.newlogic.com

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