ProSyst´s Runtime Support Facilitates the Development of Applications for Service Delivery

7/5/2002 - ProSyst Software AG ( a leading provider of Embedded software enabling complete control, networking and functionality enhancement of devices, announces its runtime support for OSGi Service Platforms running on Motorola PowerPC processors ( The runtime support allows developers to easily develop applications and prototypes. It combines the advantages of a ready-to-go solution, based on the OSGi Service Platform Release 2 specification, with free availability for non-commercial application development. The OSGi Service Platform Release 2 specification ( delivers an open, common software architecture for service providers, developers, gateway operators, and software-equipment vendors to develop, deploy and manage services in a coordinated fashion.

The ready-to-go solution consists of ProSyst´s mBedded Server, MontaVista Linux - a leading Embedded Linux operating system and development platform from MontaVista Software (, Embedded Planet's RPX Lite 823 module, as well as the MontaVista implementation of the IBM OTI Java Virtual Machine J9 for MontaVista Linux. The mBedded Server 5.1 is an open, scalable, and modular service delivery platform with many ready-to-use services, enabling the data exchange between any device in a network. Developers can also adapt the loadable image to their needs when using other Java Virtual Machines (JVM´s). The runtime support utilizes the Journal Flash File System (jffs2), making it available for applications via a storage interface based on the OSGi Service Platform Release 2 specification. It is available in two versions: the first is designed for RPX Lite, a single board computer as well as the second version is developed for the Linux Planet Development Kit from Embedded Planet ( The RPX Lite single board computer with 8 MB flash memory takes advantage of the networking capabilities of the Motorola Power PC 823e or 850 processors. Since this loadable image version requires 6 MB flash memory - including Operating System, JVM, framework, and a graphical layer - plus 10 MB RAM, it leaves 2 MB flash memory for additional applications. The Linux Planet Development Kit has 16 MB flash memory, leaving room for a software graphical layer for GUI applications as well as services.

Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, CTO and board member of ProSyst Software AG, says: "This excellent product combination enables developers to easily develop applications needed for their solutions, reducing time and resources. In order to pave the way for the fast development of solutions and to extend the availability of OSGi, ProSyst will broaden the variety of boards and JVM´s for which loadable runtime images are available."

"An increasing number of Embedded developers are choosing the combination of the Linux operating system and Java technologies for greater flexibility, faster time-to-market and higher productivity," adds Mike Mathews, Java Product Marketing Manager, MontaVista Software. "As the complexity of connected network attached devices is growing, Embedded project developers are looking to Linux and Java to deal with these challenges effectively. With the OSGi services it is now possible to update devices in the field and delivering new functionality and extending product usefulness."

"Customers continue to request complete solutions for their application development and the combination of ProSyst's mBedded Server, Embedded Planet Hardware, MontaVista Linux and IBM OTI Java delivers that solution," adds Mark Lowdermilk, CEO of Embedded Planet. "Customers want to leverage Java in their applications and this solution provides them with an easy-to-use platform."

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