Compuware Announces New Development Tool for Debugging Oracle Stored Procedures Within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

7/3/2002 - Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWR) today announced the availability of a new product for debugging Oracle stored procedures from within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. DevPartnerDB Debugger for Oracle for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is a comprehensive development tool for performing proactive analysis and debugging of PL/SQL. The product extends the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET debugging environment by giving developers a clear understanding of exactly how their applications are interacting with the database. The tool also helps developers find and fix data access issues quickly and efficiently, before deployment.

“With Visual Studio .NET, developers have excellent tools for building enterprise DBMS-based applications,” said Tom Button, vice president for the Developer Platform and Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. “The new DevPartnerDB for Oracle for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET significantly enhances a developer’s experience when working with Oracle data, and its deep integration with Visual Studio .NET makes it highly accessible and easy to use.”

DevPartnerDB for Oracle accelerates the development of reliable, high-performance applications. Its unique ability to capture stored procedure execution with application context, combined with complete Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment integration, makes it a powerful debugging tool in the acceleration of database application development.

Through tight integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, DevPartnerDB for Oracle gives developers easy access to a complete array of stored procedure debugging tools in a familiar environment. The product reduces the amount of time developers spend debugging and results in higher quality applications ready for production deployment.

“Most debugging tools on the market today don’t give developers a thorough understanding of how their applications interact with a database,” said Shari Zedeck, Director of Product Management for Compuware’s DevPartner family of products. “DevPartnerDB for Oracle is the only product available that offers Oracle debugging capabilities fully integrated within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, allowing developers to work in a unified, integrated debugging environment that helps them save time and produce more reliable applications quickly.”

DevPartnerDB for Oracle supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, as well Oracle versions 8 and above.

DevPartnerDB Debugger for Oracle for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is currently shipping and is available at a U.S. price of $399.

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