Microtune's Single-Chip Tuners Selected by Pinnacle Systems To Deliver Enhanced Broadcast/Broadband Services in PCTV Convergence Products

7/2/2002 - Microtune™, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUNE) today announced that its MicroTuner™ silicon-based tuners are incorporated into Pinnacle Systems' line of new PCTV and PCTVpro convergence cards. The MicroTuner MT2032, based on Microtune's patented single-chip architecture, is a dual-conversion tuner that functions as the radio frequency (RF) 'gateway' for receiving high-bandwidth, high-resolution audio/video and high-speed broadcast content.

With the MT2032 tuner, Pinnacle Systems' PCI-based cards bring a cutting-edge new TV architecture to the personal computer, delivering superior video quality, performance and reliability, as well as compliance to world TV standards in PC television. For mainstream PC users, the cards enable a range of compelling new broadcast applications, from stereo TV, Stereo FM radio, Internet TV, PC/PVR and Video CD/DVD recording to video-enriched multimedia.

The new PCTV cards are expected to be on retail shelves as early as July, 2002. For additional information on these products, visit www.pinnaclesys.com

"Microtune is the only company today that provides a single-chip tuner that meets our stringent performance requirements of premium TV, broadband and digital media applications," said Joern Lembke, Product Manager, TV Products at Pinnacle Systems. "By integrating Microtune's leading-edge tuner technology into our Pinnacle PCTV cards, we can deliver PC/TV content with a new standard of picture and audio quality and reliability."

Mr. Lembke added, "Microtune's superior video quality matches perfectly with Pinnacle Systems' DVD/CD-authoring technology, which are offered by the PCTV product line. At the same time, the MicroTuner tuner's multifunctional capabilities allow a single device to comply with all international standards, an important feature in serving the global PC market. The MicroTuner chip also offers a path for streamlined expansion into digital media and cable applications in the future."

"Pinnacle Systems is recognized as a leader in streaming media solutions, and its premier video products have gained both customer loyalty and multiple industry awards," said Douglas J. Bartek, Chairman and CEO of Microtune. "Our patented MicroTuner technology allows Pinnacle Systems to offer feature-rich PC video applications that support broadcast, broadband and Internet applications. With its new PCTV line of products, Pinnacle Systems is leading consumers into advanced TV and digital media applications that deploy the latest in video display, video compression and tuner technologies."

With capabilities for solid-state reliability and simultaneous analog/digital modes of operation, and a small footprint, the MicroTuner chip produces superior video quality and stability, enabling users to enjoy TV pictures that are noise- and interference-free. With a fast signal acquisition time, the MicroTuner also supports multiple screen display and fast channel changes, allowing users to make fast channel changes while viewing stable video images.

About Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Pinnacle Systems provides cutting-edge digital video creation, storage, streaming and viewing solutions for broadcasters, video professionals and consumers. Pinnacle Systems solutions help enable the creation, management and distribution of video via cable, satellite, video-on-demand (VOD), digital video disks (DVDs) and the Internet, along with consumer editing products for home movie making and DVD creation. The company has won eight Emmy Awards for its technical innovations for broadcast products and carries its commitment to technology throughout all of its product lines. Pinnacle Systems may be reached at (650) 526-1600 or at www.pinnaclesys.com

About Microtune
Microtune, Inc. is a leading silicon and systems company that designs, manufactures and markets radio frequency (RF)-based solutions for the global broadband communications, automotive electronics and wireless connectivity markets. Inventors of the MicroTuner™ single-chip broadband tuner, the Company offers a portfolio of advanced tuner, amplifier, transceiver and wireless products that enable the delivery of information and entertainment across new classes of consumer electronics devices. The Company currently holds 14 U.S. patents for its technology, with more than 50 applications pending approval that span its RF and wireless products, containing almost 2000 supporting claims. Founded in 1996, Microtune is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with key design, manufacturing and sales centers located around the world. The web site is www.microtune.com

Microtune is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol TUNE. Microtune, MicroTuner, MicroStreamer and VideoCaster are trademarks of Microtune, Inc.

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