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7/2/2002 - IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI), a leading communications IC company, today announced that (NYSE: NWK), a global provider of service creation platforms, has selected IDT's award-winning multi-queue FIFOs for its SCREAM™ Service Creation Manager platform.'s SCREAM platform integrates broadband aggregation, subscriber management, ATM switching, IP services and broadband service creation on a single platform, allowing service providers to dynamically create new revenue-generating services.

IDT's multi-queue FIFO was named one of EDN's Hot 100 Products in 2001, an award nominated and voted upon by EDN readers, and given to innovative products or technology introduced during the calendar year. The multi-queue FIFO is based on a unique architecture that combines high-speed queuing logic with an embedded FIFO memory core and is used to address data and traffic management issues in a wide range of applications including asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) designs.'s SCREAM platform includes support for circuit emulation over ATM, where some ATM cells must be buffered to prevent late-arriving cells from blocking the circuit traffic. The cell delay variation (CDV) is due to the inherent delays incurred by ATM cells as they traverse the network. In this environment, IDT's multi-queue FIFO offers the ability to minimize and eliminate CDV by providing a single-chip solution that utilizes separate cell buffers for each serial port to prevent delayed ATM cells from blocking traffic flow.

"IDT's multi-queue FIFO is the first off-the-shelf FIFO solution that permits an efficient, space-saving implementation of CDV removal buffers on the high-density multi-port interface modules of our SCREAM platform," said Roy Harlin, director of hardware development at "In addition, the device provides superior design advantages including high density, simplified FPGA interfacing, and flexible sizing and configuration; these characteristics help us to integrate both ATM and IP services in a single industry-leading compact form factor."

"As the market share and technology leader in FIFO technology, we continuously work with customers to help address the performance, time to market and various types of system bottleneck problems they face," said Stefan Schoettl, product marketing manager for IDT's FIFO products. "We have seen wide acceptance of our multi-queue architecture from communications companies requiring a boost in performance for hardware implementations addressing queuing, scheduling and classification needs, as well as for specialized data and traffic management functions as in's distributed broadband application."

IDT Multi-Queue FIFOs
By integrating high-speed logic and memory on silicon, multi-queue FIFOs are able to achieve sustained throughput rates up to 7.2 Gbps, while providing the high-speed queuing logic required to assist in the implementation of packet queuing and scheduling engines. IDT's devices use less power, fewer I/O pins, and less board space than discrete solutions, while also reducing overall system cost and development risk.

IDT's multi-queue FIFOs are available in a wide range of configurations, with densities up to 2 Mbits per device and cascadable up to 16 Mbits; speeds up to 200 MHz; and the ability to address queuing requirements up to 32 queues and cascadable up to 256 queues. The devices also offer bus-width matching capabilities, which enable each port to be configured at x9, x18 and x36 widths, and provide a seamless interface between systems that operate at different data widths. Click here for additional product information. Click here for a A high-resolution, downloadable photo and block diagram of the multi-queue FIFO.

About IDT
IDT enhances the global network with semiconductor solutions for communications companies that lead innovation and drive convergence in voice, data and wireless networks. IDT is focused on enhancing system bandwidth with communications-specific products including integrated communications processors, IP co-processors and telecom products. The portfolio is also comprised of key support products optimized for communications applications, including the industry's broadest selection of FIFOs, multi-ports, and clock management products. In addition, the product mix includes high-performance digital logic and high-speed SRAMs to meet the requirements of leading communications companies.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company employs approximately 3,700 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in California and Oregon, and test and assembly facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. IDT stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol "IDTI." The company is included in the S&P 1000, which is a combination of the S&P MidCap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600 Indices, as well as the Nasdaq-100 Index® (NDX), which includes the largest non-financial companies on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Additional information about IDT is easily accessible at or on CD-ROM by calling (800) 345-7015. The investor hotline is (408) 654-6420.

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