DIGITAL-LOGIC offers Mini Computer for hospitals, doctor’s practices, and pharmacies

7/1/2002 - With the MICROSPACE?-PC, the Swiss company DIGITAL-LOGIC offers an accredited personal computer for applications in medical facilities, hospitals, doctor’s practices, and pharmacies. MICROSPACE?-PCs are compact and work absolutely quiet; they meet the technical standards of EN60601-1 and EN60601-1-2, which define the directives for safety and radiation of technical devices in medical environments. The name of the ‚Book-size’-PCs can be taken literally as they impress with their small dimensions of only 159 mm x 148 mm x 66 mm and their light weight of only 2kg. Due to the cooling system for which a patent is pending no fan is needed, so the noise level is extremely low (<35dB). There’s another important advantage to the cooling system apart from its quietness: Conventional PCs permanently suck in dust and dirt and cumulate bacteria, while the MICROSPACE?-PC waives a fan and thus can be employed in sterile environments. MICROSPACE?-PCs can be positioned either horizontally or vertically like a book. They can be arranged either as compact unit with the monitor or space saving below a counter or a desktop. That leaves space for the essential work of a doctor or apothecary as well as in various areas of the hospital.

The MICROSPACE?-PC runs with usual PC software and is ideal to govern medicaments and medical records and to work with standard Office-applications. As the MICROSPACE?-PC is a standard-PC due to its functionality and compatibility, all usual system software (Windows ME, XP, 98, 2000, NT) can be employed. According to the manufacturer even LINUX is supported unproblematically. The drivers needed for the different system software are delivered on CD.

Everything a PC needs
The MICROSPACE?-PC is equipped with modern, power saving components and typically consumes 40 Watt and thus only about a quarter of the energy consumption of a standard desktop PC. The MICROSPACE?-PC is based on a fast 700 MHz Pentium III or Celeron processor, a 128 or 256 Mbyte memory respectively and all important PC interfaces. For mass storage media, the PC is equipped with a 2.5" hard disk with at least 20 Gbyte capacity and an integrated CD/DVD-ROM or an optional DVD/CD-RW drive. Additional external and peripheral devices can be connected via USB or Firewire-IEEE1394 interfaces. For rapid communication in networks, a 100/10Base-T-interface (RJ45) has been integrated. Further functions like ISDN-Modem, Sound, IrDa-interface, etc. are also supported. For screen display, either an analogue CRT-/LCD-SVGA monitor or a digital LVDS-interface (18/24/36Bit) can be used. A dual-screen-mode, which allows to display different contents on two screens, is also optional. This might be especially interesting, if e.g. X-rays have to be viewed and commented simultaneously.

Even as PC in ambulance vehicles
Another prominent feature of the MICROSPACE?-PC is its power supply. Thanks to the 12-24VDC-power supply it is also possible to employ it in a vehicle, e.g. an emergency ambulance. To use it stationary the unit operates with an included external 110/220VAC, 40W-power pack. The MICROSPACE?-PC is designed for continuous operation.

Security through Smartcard
The protection of personal data and medical records from unauthorised access is a sensitive issue. To provide the highest possible level of security in user registration and access authorisation, the MICROSPACE?-PC can be equipped with an integrated smartcard reader (according to ISO7816). It can be used to safeguard access to data or the Internet with the aid of a smartcard. Booting and registering the operating system can also be monitored using a smartcard. By giving every user a smartcard of their own, individual access definitions can be set for each user and a high degree of security is ensured.

Luterbach/Switzerland-based DIGITAL-LOGIC, one of the world‘s leading companies in the embedded computer market, was established in 1992 and is involved in the development, manufacture and international marketing of highly-integrated embedded PC’s. The group has subsidiaries in Germany, and currently employs more than 110 specialist staff world-wide. DIGITAL-LOGIC has received many awards and knows how to be at the cutting edge of technology with innovative, reliable products and realises economical PC solutions for demanding applications. The ISO9001 certified company develops miniature computer systems based on the Intel architecture with mainly 486 and Pentium processor performance. The product range comprises the standard products with embedded computer modules (smartModules) and boards (PC/104, EBX, Slot-PC), and customised embedded computers and computer systems.

For further information, please contact:
Andreas Zünd
Sales Manager
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Digital-Logic AG
Nordstrasse 11/F
CH-4542 Luterbach
Telephone: +41 (0)32 681 58 00
Fax: +41 (0)32 681 58 01

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