MPI Software Technology:

6/14/2002 - MPI Software Technology, Inc., the leading provider of high performance middleware products and related services, has announced the release of VSI/Pro® Core. A comparison between the Core and Core Lite Profiles is listed below. VSI/Pro® Core provides comprehensive signal and image processing functionality, plus linear algebra. Whereas VSI/Pro® Core Lite offers 127 functions, VSI/Pro® version 1.07 Core offers 513 functions. VSI/Pro is designed to be fully compliant with the VSIPL (vector, signal, and image processing library) Standard, as set forth by the VSIPL Forum. MPI Software Technology, Inc. is an active member of the VSIPL Forum. VSIPL's scope covers linear algebra, signal processing (FFT's, Window, Filter and Convolution routines), image processing, scalar functionality, and vector and matrix view functionality (scalar, unary, binary, and ternary operations). VSIPL's API is designed for portability and performance, and reuse and interoperability, thereby raising the user's productivity while lowering costs. Versions optimized for G4 Altivec® and leading embedded OSís are available now.

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